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SPINE OPTIONS has offered patients a medically supervised non-surgical back and neck pain treatment. Located in Westchester NY, 914-948-7400 - SPINE OPTIONS is a specialized medical practice, focused solely on neck and back pain relief. Every patient is seen by a physician, who diagnoses your condition and develops your unique SPINE OPTIONS back and neck pain treatment plan, which can include physical therapy and non-surgical options such as holistic alternatives. All services are offered on site, and all monitored by a physician.

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  • Josh - Great gift for Harry Potter fans who like to cook.

    I got this for my girlfriend (who loves to cook). She loves it. We've tried a few of the recipes and they've all turned out pretty good! My only issue is that a lot of the ingredients are hard to find/expensive (i.e. phesant, lamb, etc..).

  • AJ Deaton - Great, natural and safe for kids. Smells great too!

    All I've used for my kids for over 5 years. Great product for the very different hair types I have in my three kids. This bottle is a little bigger than some. I would, however, recommend you purchase the shampoo with the pump top, it will last longer and keep your bathroom cleaner. The push top can leak if it's left a little bit open (easily happens as shampoo gets in the cracks and crevices over time.

  • RaNdOm - It does actually improve taste and is definitely similar to draft

    This really does improve the taste of your can/bottled beer and is very close to the taste of draft beer. At first I wasn't happy that it runs on batteries, but after having it outside at a recent get together, I'm very happy that it does. My wife, who isn't a big beer drinker, is definitely enjoying it too! This is my favorite purchase (so far) of 2016.

  • Regina Arnold - Worth the Money-Purchased for Facial Hair

    I read so many reviews for this product before I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. I make it a habit to read the "bad" reviews so I can get a general idea of what the biggest issue is and decide if that's something I can live with or not (assuming the reviewer was being honest and not just a habitual complainer/glass half empty type).

  • Notvinnik - A real backstabber

    I was pretty excited at first when this thing arrived. So I brought it in to work to show everybody. Next thing I know, it's schmoozing with my boss. He likes it so much that he fires me and hires it instead. Then he calls back a couple of days later and says that "the Wengmeister" is twice as productive as I ever was.

  • Alex Wonderboy - Everything it says it does, it does....

    What an amazing value for 200 bucks!!! Guitar is great.. Comes with everything..(Purchased a Snark for tuning (even though the program witll tune you too) Great way to get your feet wet and start playing....a+++++

  • A. Fischer - Why no Blu-ray?

    LOVE the show but where the heck are the Blu ray editions for seasons 4,5&6???????? Seriously, why no Blu ray? Who wants to watch a show like this in sub par quality.

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