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Sportovnн areбl Jedlovб - sport trochu jinak - Navљtivte sportovnн areбl Jedlovб. Иekб na vбs spousta zбbavy na sjezdovce i mimo ni. Vэbornэ sport a turistika na jednom mнstм.

Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 16.6333 Mesto Brno, Czechia

  • Mike - So far so good... Kinda...

    The item has a bad groan in the rear when you set it at a high incline. Annoying, but the unit appears to work well.

  • Nate - The Best Monitor I've Ever Owned

    I am beyond pleased with this monitor. I am a bit of a monitor snob - that is to say, I get spoiled at work with myriad monitors and other fun electronics. So, after looking around and seeing some reviews, I decided to go with the HP Pavillion.

  • Curmudgeon - Pretty small...has interesting possibilities

    I'm just giving it 3 stars after a couple of hours with it. I will probably up the star count in the future. (I have just upped the rating to 5 stars for the robot itself, but not the software...see added comments at end.) First, it is quite small, and a bit pricey. The dimensions given appear to be the shipping box dimensions. The robot itself is approximately 3.5 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Interaction requires that your android device be connected, and thus you are disconnected from other wifi apps. I've only found two Cozmo apps, but there will be more coming down the pipe. It is essentially a table top gadget.

  • Pen Name - More bad than good, unfortunately

    Pros: Better coordination with Kinect, customization of the Sweat mode song selections and more dance styles

  • Ryan Rigby - Awesome bag!

    Really nice bag. I worried about the size but i'm actually pretty happy with it. Metal zippers seem like better quality than i've had in past.

  • Amazon Customer - Glows in the dark?

    I put this on my button and turned the lights off, and my boyfriend still couldn't see it. I thought this was supposed to make it easier for him to find it in the dark? It would be nice if it came in some other colors. Please make a glow in the dark version. The Techno-Glow body paint gives me a UTI.

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