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  • Gabriela G. - awesome all around

    I bought this for my 2.8lb Chihuahua, Blue. Put it together very easily. Did have the same impression as many other people, its flimsy apart but once its put together its very strong. I had the same problem others did, Blue does not like the doors so I took them off. I can see how a 100lb dog could fit in here. He has room for his bed at the end and his food and water bowl up front and there is about a foot of space between his bed and the food bowls.

  • CO Fiddle Gal - A must have in my home.

    This is the best glass cleaner I've ever used. I actually look forward to using this and a squeegee on my large home Windows because I don't have to deal with the streaks, etc. I get when using popular glass cleaner from the grocery store. Now that I found this, I'll never use anything else for Windows and mirrors. I actually have to hide it from my 23 year old son; and that's saying something! I now buy the 3-pack because it's a great deal.

  • Amazon Customer - OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!

    I HAVE THE GREENSTAR JUICER THAT WILL DO EVERYTHING INCLUDING MAKE YUMMY BANANA ICECREAM, BUT I am just not in the mood to mess with that big machine that has like a million peace's. don't get me wrong, these high quality juice machines are wonderful for the vegan and raw lifestyle, but sometimes ya just want a simple solution for one thing!!! WELL LET ME TELL YOU!!! STOP LOOKING CAUSE YOU HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT PRODUCT!!! OMG!!! I just love this product, it's so wonderful!!! I put about 2 bananas in there, but the way I do it is: first I put a half frozen banana, then some walnuts, then some Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce (bought it on amazon) then push it through, then I put another half frozen banana, walnuts and Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce, just repeat until you are done. OMG!!! this ice cream taste like the real thing, now mind you, I haven't any sugar products in a long time, so it's sweet to me, you may have to ad honey, sugar or any other sweetener. the next thing I am going to try is a frozen avocado. you put a slices of frozen avocado, and some pistachio nuts and a little honey, and wallla, you have pistachio ice cream!!! these are just tips of some no sugar kind of treats. you could put fresh mint and chocolate chips along with banana or avocado or frozen coconut or something else that's a frozen fruit and make like a chocolate chip mint ice cream. Buy this product if you are trying to stay away from the real toxic yummy stuff!!! To your new yonanas lifestyle!!! Cheers!

  • Henry V - Another Honest Review

    I recommend reading this carefully. The idea for this product is very good but the end result is mediocre at best. This product needs several modifications which I suggest below. And the company's videos and pictures are a bit misleading for people who wear a cast or boot. That being said, there's nothing else out there like it and I do believe it will make your life a lot easier if you're on nonweightbearing treatment.

  • Matt - AMAZING!!

    I have been taking the MasterBrain for about a week now and I love it! Being a college student I figured I'd give this a try to get any type of mental edge I can get. As a nursing student I get up at around 4:30am somedays or I have to work night shift 7:00pm to 7:00am. This schedule can get pretty crazy, which can lead to my brain being drained. Since taking MasterBrain I have noticed that I have been much more alert during class and throughout the day. I am also getting better sleep at night. I am not waking up in the morning exhausted nor do I have difficulty waking up in the morning. This is something that I think can really help people in their daily life and you don't need to be into fitness for this product to be effective for you

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