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Fertility Treatment in New Jersey - Delaware Valley Genetics - Receive world-class fertility treatment in New Jersey at DVIF&G with state-of-the-art technologies including IVF, IVM, egg donation, egg freezing, and surrogacy.

  • http://www.startfertility.com/resources/choose-dvifg/schedule-consultation/ Schedule a Consultation - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Schedule Your Consultation Your first step on the path to success begins with an initial consultation. You will meet with one of our experienced doctors wh
  • http://www.startfertility.com/resources Patient Resources - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Patient Resources Before scheduling an initial consultation and throughout your treatment process, we know that you may have lots of questions. Whether you
  • http://www.startfertility.com/treatmen/ Fertility Treatment At Delaware Valley Fertility - At Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics, we offer a complete range of fertility treatment options to help you grow your family.
  • http://www.startfertility.com/treatment/in-vitro-fertilization-ivf In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - Delaware Valley Fertility - IVF - In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) In the United States, infertility affects approximately 10% of men and women during their reproductive years. In vitro fertili
  • http://www.startfertility.com/treatment/in-vitro-maturation-ivm In Vitro Maturation (IVM) - Delaware Valley Fertility - A modification to traditional IVF, In Vitro Maturation IVM is an innovative treatment that limits a patient's exposure to fertility drugs.
  • http://www.startfertility.com/resources/lifestyle-and-fertility Lifestyle and Fertility - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Lifestyle and Fertility Your lifestyle choices have a big influence on your ability to become pregnant and carry your baby to term. Research has shown that
  • http://www.startfertility.com/success Successful Fertility Treatment - Delaware Valley Fertility - - We're committed to your success At DVIF&G we take a team approach to solving your fertility problems. Staffed with infertility specialists and highly t
  • http://www.startfertility.com/success/ivf-success-statistics Success Statistics - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Success Statistics Our measure of success is delivering parents the new baby they've always wanted - something we've been very successful accomplishing ove
  • http://www.startfertility.com/success/testimonials Testimonials - Delaware Valley Fertility - - New Parent Testimonials Dear Bernadette, I knew from the first time I called to schedule an appointment with Dr. T and spoke with you that I was going to l
  • http://www.startfertility.com/resources/choose-dvifg Considering Treatment at DVIF&G? - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Considering Treatment at DVIF&G? Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics would like to welcome you to our practice. Before scheduling a c
  • http://www.startfertility.com/about/medical-staff Medical Staff - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Meet our medical staff The specialists at the Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics are highly trained professionals. Experienced and devot
  • http://www.startfertility.com/treatment/fertility-evaluation Fertility Evaluation - Delaware Valley Fertility - Your fertility evaluation at Delaware Valley Fertility does not require any prior fertility tests before your initial consultation. 
  • http://www.startfertility.com/about/medical-staff/george-s-taliadouros-m-d George S. Taliadouros M.D. - Delaware Valley Fertility - George S. Taliadouros, M.D. is the founder and director of the Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics (DVIF&G).
  • http://www.startfertility.com/resources/patient-information/injection-training Injection Training - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Injection Teaching Packet The following section is all information pertaining the medications used in this office and how they are used. This section is us
  • http://www.startfertility.com/financial-information/fertility-treatment-costs Fertility Treatment Costs - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Fertility Treatment Costs We understand that cost is an important to consider before making a decision to pursue fertility treatment. An accurate cost spec
  • http://www.startfertility.com/financial-information/insurance-information Insurance Information - Delaware Valley Fertility - - Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment Understanding insurance coverage for infertility can be frustrating and confusing at times. Our Insurance & Bill

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