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  • AKapper - Not What I'd Hoped...

    Having owned and used this jacket for over a year now, mostly in the rain for short (less than ten miles) hiking, biking, and running, I can say that while it does look good and fits well, it is ultimately disappointing in that it fails to deliver in the main purpose for which I bought it: it is not very good at repelling rain after the first ten minutes of rain moderate exposure, nor is it waterproof in the least.

  • Jacquie L. - Iaso tea

    I don't think this product is authentic. I ordered this from TLC multiple times and this one seems to be a cheap knock off. The teabags even appear to be recycled. Would definitely not recommend

  • Nappytime Review - This set has it all! Looks authentic!

    This is a very cute and flashy outfit for your dress-up chest! First of all, it is very easy for children to put on independently with the pull-on pants and the mock-buttons over a velcro jacket. It looks realistic with the patches and the word "Police" printed across the back. The hat is adjustable and has nice gold accents to make it look more authentic. The accessories may seem cheap (as they are just hollow plastic without moveable parts, except for the handcuffs) but in a child's imagination they will be real just the same. The handcuffs are nice because even if the keys get misplaced they can still be easily removed and opened by a child, as sometimes the ease of use of these isn't appropriate for the age of children wanting to play with them. Very cute set that has it all!!! The only reason I deducted a star is because one of the buttons/brads on the side of the hat was just barely hanging off and is kind of sharp where it broke so I will have to try to glue that back on, but other than that we love it!

  • INmomof2 - ... lunches as they rarely eat school and they work perfect for that

    bought these for my daughters lunches as they rarely eat school and they work perfect for that. nice to have the variety pack since I have 2 girls who seem to be total opposites and like different stuff. would buy these again.


    I have found this product to be good at lessening my hair breakage but I cant tell yet if it's doing anything to regrow my hair. I am not a fan of the tingle that it leaves on my scalp, I'm not sure what the point of that is, seems to me it could perform just the same if that ingredient (whatever it is) were left out. It's like rubbing Vick's vapor run all over your head, maybe not quite that intense but you get my basic point. I give it extra points for its softening ability too. It makes my hair feel very soft and moisturized which I guess is why its so good with anti-breakage. There is a fine line however, if you over do it and not wash your hair frequently enough it can leave you feeling, well, "greasy" for lack of a better word.

  • Room 888 - Slightly better experience the second time around...but still having issues :(

    I posted a review on this item a little over a year ago, but I've decided to provide an updated version.

  • Lianna G. - It's OK

    Smells great, but I don't like the way it leaves my hair feeling and my hair is dirty the next day when I can typically go 2+ days without washing/conditioning. It has kept the brassy tones down which is tough to do with the super hard water I have.

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