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  • Courtney - It really works!!

    This it's great. It really works! I received this product free of charge. The prep has a coupe of steps. I used this once and my teeth are three shades lighter!! I didn't even do it for the full time. It's great. My teeth as so much lighter. I still cave I believe it.

  • TJM Bailey - My Son loves this seat

    I just received his chair yesterday and the good part is that we was on our way out for lunch. The seat is very sturdy and the padding is thick. For the first time we have been able to him up tp the table and feed him before our food arrives. Our little one is only 5 months but he has a lively spirit and loves to be included. Great chair I have already express interest in getting another one for my 14 month old nephew who is 25 pounds, the seat is good up to 33 pounds, but I can assure you if you have a solid table to connect this seat to it can hold up to 40 pounds easy. Great, Great, Great product and most important fact of all my wife loves the seat.

  • HokieLove - I love that this accessory allowed us to combine our favorite ...

    I love that this accessory allowed us to combine our favorite seat and stroller. I wish it was more easily stored or at least attached to the stroller somehow once it was folded up. Otherwise, it's great.

  • Betty Sue - Microsoft Outlook 2010

    I had an older version of Microsoft Outlook which I would give the highest rating possible...it came installed on my laptop. I was very pleased with it. I purchased a new computer which did not come with Microsoft Outlook so I purchased the Microsoft Outlook 2010 and downloaded it to both my old laptop and new computer. When I start my laptop, I find it takes a bit longer to load. On my new computer, I have had several issues. Tech support has spent a great deal of time with me on the phone but at times, I still have issues...I try to delete a email and the screen goes light. Nothing happens and I have to close out and start again...it is a pain. On both my laptop and new computer, I am having issues with my calendar...my alerts. Hope you have better luck!

  • zahir - A good product

    Acne on the face well blossomed always been greatly reduced When I was contemplating using this product a few days. The red skin looks shiny. Sarajini face is shining. Thank you for a great product, we will continue to patronize often.

  • J. Stone - Why I wont read this book.

    I visited medjugorje for the 25th anniversary of the apparitions. I didnt really know what I was getting into but my trip was paid for by my mom so I decided to go. After being in medjugorje I began my conversion. I became a much more devout Catholic. however caritas has made me question if medjugorje is a false apparition. While at Caritas my mother who never follows rules decided she wanted to walk around the house area which was off limits to public at that time. I saw while walking a confederate flag in his pool house. When I asked about this they gave an explanation which I later googled only to find out was completely false. Granted nobody is perfect but if mary appeared on your land would you hang a confederate flag up? A symbol that has such a terrible meaning to some people. I dont think so. I saw many things there that bothered me. A general cult like feeling from the members who seemed to treat terri as if he was somehow special or something. I saw his son driving a 50k dollar car (challenger or camaro) DOes that fit in with his professing of living in poverty. The members of caritas live in trailers while terry lives in huge house. The most weird thing I saw while there though was during the prayers that night. Terry had seen me questioning the confederate flag. While praying terry was next to one of the medjugorje seers and he stared directly at me. He never broke eye contact with me the whole time. Maybe he was praying for me? I highly doubt it. Finally one other thing that seemed weird and did not fit in with medjugorje...The apparitions were supposed to have happened in his bedroom so during a certain time we were allowed to go into his room but nothing was to be touched. There was a woman there monitoring to make sure nobody touched his bed or a chair or used anything in his room to help themselves up after kneeling. I would recommend being very careful of this place. It did not feel like medjugorje. I fear that medjugorje is a false apparition now because someone like me may have left the roman catholic church if a sign were to come and point me to another direction. I wonder if this is the true reason for medjugorje. Could people be strayed away from the church? Even asking these questions will enrage someone who believes in medjugorje. But I know that medjugorje is not necessary for my salvation so questioning it is okay and not prohibited. I assume the seer that was there does not know what a confederate flag is as she is not from america. So as far as this book would I read it? Nope.

  • Neem - Aesop Forever

    Retelling of the fables is nicely done. Sometimes they are so short you can hardly get into them before you're out of them; but that's not so in this collection. And the illustrations are terrific. I love Pinkney's work and there so much of it here to hold the children's attention. The fables are great to have the children read to the adult as well because they are not drawn out too much. If your kids need to practice reading these are great. I find if I read it first, then let the kids read that they read with more feeling, copying my inflections. I have a couple of other fable collections, but this is my favorite.

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