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  • Original Vidiot - This cap does exactly what it needs to do and ...

    This cap does exactly what it needs to do and is made very well. It fits my filler neck perfectly with just the right amount of O-ring compression to keep it secure. Looking forward to getting one of the tethers Jay is working on. Also, see my comment in one of the top posts about the O-ring material :-)

  • E. Carlson - Low amount of EPA & DHA for this price

    This is a very low amount of omega 3s for the price. At a whopping $20 per gram of omega 3s (EPA &DHA) in the bottle, almost any bottle on sale at Amazon or off the shelf in a drug store will give you more omega 3s for a much lower price. For example, this typical large gel cap product 

  • Cami Meegan - Must have if you own a pet that sheds!

    I bought this at Walmart but didn't buy extra pads, I bought Lysol Clean-Flip Dry Dusting Cloths instead because they were cheaper. I actually think they work better but since I only had one or two with the duster, I can't really say.

  • D. Goodberry - Has a nice texture, but...

    While I certainly agree that this coffee is exceptionally rich, I have to give my honest opinion that it is one of the worst tasting blends I have tried in a while. I was intrigued by the description, and generally am pleased by Starbucks' coffees, but this one was truly a disappointment. There must be some room made for a bad batch or two, but with what a bag of Starbucks costs, especially a "special offering", I would consider this an unacceptable excuse. Stay with the classics, maybe some Aged Sumatra, or even step outside your boundaries and give another roaster a try!

  • Vivian - Worked WONDERS on my skin! Can't even see the ...

    Worked WONDERS on my skin! Can't even see the giant pimple I had between my eyebrows after a week and half from using this product. Washed my face with warm water, cooled down with cold water, applied toner, this treatment and then moisturizer. You only need to use a small amount. Dab just a bit on your middle finger and just dot the areas you need the treatment on. Afterwards just rub it into your skin, evenly layering it out.

  • Jenna Riane - Works, borax is cheaper

    I bought these because the washer said to. I hate that funky smell, and this works for a short time to get rid of it. However, borax is cheaper and works better. I add about 1/4 cup of powdered borax (I get it at Target for cheap) to EVERY load right with the clothes and there is no smell at all with my washer any more. It even makes my clothes cleaner without making them smell more. I'll still use the Affresh when the washer tells me to, but the borax is way better.

  • Jim Parker - Only buy this if you love Mexican food. Best. Salsa. Ever.

    I live in San Antonio, so I'm required by law to eat Mexican food. This is great salsa... the only kind I buy! Enjoy it.

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