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STUD 100: Delay Spray for Men | Official STUD 100 Site - Since 1970 - STUD 100 is the longest selling & most popular Delay Spray for Men. Fully FDA compliant & licensed by many Health Authorities worldwide. Buy now!

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  • https://www.stud100.com/pages/faqs STUD 100 FAQs - Questions | Official STUD 100 Site - Answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about STUD 100 delay spray. STUD 100 FAQs incl. How many sprays, Are there side effects, and more!
  • https://www.stud100.com/pages/frontpage About STUD 100 | Official STUD 100 Site - The world’s most popular Delay Spray for Men, STUD 100 has been formulated to help delay male ejaculation which may significantly improve sexual relationships.
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  • gail owen - Great to organize recipes

    I have had an older version and really like keeping all recipes in one place. It only takes a few minutes to add a recipe wand even a pic. I give this for wedding gifts.

  • dzldick - Worst printing program ever

    Worst printing program ever! I used Printmaster Gold for years & thought it was the best. PC updates wouldn't allow that program, so I updated. My biggest complaint is font enhancement. No outlines with 3D drop shadows. No wide variety of shapes to put the font in, & when you do put the font in a shape, it cannot be enhanced with shadows. Trying to navigate images on a projects is so complicated. Not a very good example of a once great product. It's not even worthy of the one star I had to give.

  • Amazon Customer - TOPPIK is a Top Choice

    Don't shake your head at this product. It really works. I've been using it for two years and anyone who I don't tell, can't tell. my friends who knew me before I was using it think that I have miraculously regained my thinning crown, or that I had some expensive surgery. It's easy to use, and stays in place with a minumum of care. If you have a very thin or bare area on your head, it will not be effective. and unfortunatly it will not stop you from losing more, but to get a new lease on what you still have,


    BEST software book EVER, and I've bought quite a few. After only one reading (and doing the exercises from the CD) I was able to generate pivot tables that were useful to my work. Been doing pivot tables ever since. Also very helpful with all the advanced Excel features that I never took the time to learn (or was using badly, such as making charts. Get this version, which has practice spreadsheets along with a PDF version of the book that you can load on your laptop.

  • Jewels - ... it would let you play it it would be great. But

    If it would let you play it it would be great. But, "you are out of lives, buy lives;" " You don't have enough points, play more to earn more points". Oh know! I can't play to earn more points cause I don't have lives and I don't have enough points to buy them. I threw it off my Kindle. I want a game that I can play. Am I willing to buy things to play, minimally. Not a lot. Just let me play.

  • Jose garcia - Ehhhhhh!

    Not bad floor liners. The mats could fit a little more sun. When i received this product the back mat was folded in a box. Which cause it to distort the shape. Over time though im sure it will go back to normal. Also i was misiing the cap that you put over the hooks on the floor. Box was beaten up to when i received it. If i were to biy more weather techs mats i would just buy them from the weather tech website.

  • Dylan Parenti - Didn't fit LGA2011 without modification

    This heatsink had mounting screws for the LGA2011 which were too short; we had to bend the arms down at an angle several millimeters with pliers to be able to screw it in place on the motherboard (which was a standard, well-known brand), with about two threads of the screws securing it down. We can't recommend this product for LGA2011 sockets.

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