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  • Blythe - I have used this with success on my 2 indoor/outdoor cats

    I have used this successfully on my 2 indoor/outdoor cats for 3 years. It works well as flea, tick, mite, and mosquito prevention. It has also killed anything that I've sprayed it on (ticks, fleas, mites, wasps, stinkbugs, etc.), and though they don't particularly like it, it hasn't given them any bad reactions or health problems that I'm aware of. I have found there is a definite learning curve in how to apply, how much to apply, and how often, I only spray them once a week in the warmer months and even less than that in the beginning and end of flea/tick season (we are in the northeast so that's about mid April-November). I also regularly spray then vacuum, and wash their bedding and living area (we only allow them in the back porch and kitchen area as they go outside).

  • Eileen Hughes - Perfect fit

    The seat covers fit like a glove my husband loves them. The company even called just to make sure we were ordering the correct covers. Would recommend.

  • Judith - title is misleading, but advice is great

    The title is unwisely chosen, close to a cheap shot, designed to get the attention of people in pain. This is unfair,and diminishes the total effect of the book, which is well researched and documented for a book for a lay audience. It is very helpful to have all the information on glucosamine and condroitin together, with an exact plan. Very useful is the attention paid to the lack of quality control in choosing nutritional supplements. Dr. Theo provides excellent advice on how to choose wisely, and how to avoid poor or deceptive formulations.

  • ginger - i noticed this would be a great multi vitamin

    Honestly I didnt really get these for the hair, once i looked at the ingredients, i noticed this would be a great multi vitamin. i love gummies and these taste great. makes taking vitamins painless lol. who would have thought candy that helps you. I received this item at a discount for my honest review.

  • M. C. Frank - Skip the Stevia

    Well....it's a 'green' flavor for sure. I can get by - even kale is too strong for me, but this is NOT as strong as that. My teenager who is a better eater than I am can not stand it (and he likes brussel sprouts, broc, asparagus, etc.) What I really can not tolerate is the 'diet' flavor - it guess it is the Stevia which I know is natural, but it gives a very artificial flavor. I took this particular product 1 month after taking Go Ruby and the Energy Greens with the fruity taste...ALL products have that same underlying 'diet' flavor. You should know that I don't eat ANY diet sweeteners in anything, ever - so my taste buds are sensitive to those odd flavors.

  • Ryan - Anti-Virus

    I Made the switch to Kaspersky lab last summer, and I've enjoyed it much more than and other Anti-Virus program I have had.

  • MissVivi - Bring back old Publisher

    Dozens of new bells and whistles in place of sturdy, reliable and user-friendly tools has put Publisher right up there with Windows 8 -- frustrating, confusing, and a time-waster with a learning curve we don't need. (At least in my opinion). When companies hire these crackerjack programmers to create the latest and greatest, do they really take the time to consider their users' needs and wants? Really?

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