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  • Cierabrook - Day one the first was fine gave me just the right amount of energy

    Day one the first was fine gave me just the right amount of energy. However on the second pill I took a little before I ate lunch and I am bouncing off of the walls (I work a desk job). A little too much energy. I am almost shaky. I guess you can say it is curbing my appetite because it has made me kind of nauseous. I will probably only take one a day, first thing in the morning.

  • T. Dunn - packing

    I am very happy with this item. The only negative thing is the packaging, it was in just a envelope and could be easy broken it shipment, because the envelope had a "RIP" in it from What i guess is the shipment damage, But the disc itself was fine. I suggest maybe putting a thin piece of cardboard of thick paper inside to keep it from "bending" so easy. Other then that I am Very happy with the item.

  • Marilyn Kelley - Don't waste your money

    I bought the product and have been using it for three weeks. I've used it as directed as well as, have been in the gym doing leg/butt exercises. After 3 weeks, there haven't been any results. My skin tingles at the area of application but there isn't any plumping as stated. Don't waste your money.

  • Katrina Weener - Don't Buy If You Are Looking For The Book To Go With The ACT Prep Black Book-Updated Version Pages Are Wrong!!

    Do Not Buy!! I bought this book to go with the ACT Prep Black Book, they are supposed to work hand in hand. However because this is the updated version of The Real ACT, the pages and problems referenced in the Black Book are incorrect. While this book can be used to take tests, I could have printed 5 official ACT tests of the internet for fee instead of paying $25 for this book and $25 on the Black Book. I did try working with tech support, but their only response was that the old book is no longer supported and they could not help. Very Frustrating!

  • Martin Stuck - The new Versions of AutoCAD are so User Friendly that Modifying the .pgp file need not be done any longer.

    Looks to be exactly what I want. It will help me a lot. I am using 13 where I am employed and hope to purchase 15 for home to run on a new desktop. I hope to make the purchase between end of November to next March The computer it self will be 4500-5300 with 64GB of ram. I am not a gamer but the computer is built for gaming. For me though I need a machine that can run AutoCAD 15, the latest version of Solid works, Visio 2013 alone with a few other software packages I have used in the past for creating or manipulating drawings. The "NEW" computer I have now at where I am employed is a Dell i7-3770 CPU @ 3.4 GHz 8.00 GB Ram and 64 bit with Windows 7. This thing locks up and freezes daily. If you need a power house computer you absolutely can not expect to find it by purchasing from a company that mass produces them in a factory in CHINA.

  • canonphotos - This speaker box has worked well.

    This speaker box has worked well. I bought this for my sons Dodge Ram pickup and it works very good. The box is made of particle board and the screws around the speakers have stripped out occasionally but over all it is worth the money

  • Heather - good product!

    I am giving this product a 5 star rating because it really does do what it says it does! My hair is baby fine & since I have gotten older it is also not as thick as it once was. Sally Hershberger's Supreme Lift gives it much more body and oomph & I can style it nicely again. I would reccommend this product to those experiencing the frustrating thinning of hair. Great stuff!

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