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  • Riddles - Did nothing for my daughter's skin

    I really had high hopes for this vitamin for my daughter's skin, especially with all the glowing reviews. But after going through two full bottles, we have not seen any change in my daughter's skin. I know nothing works for everyone, but we are disappointed, as the ingredients seemed good and useful for clearing skin.

  • Kissa - Great carrier!

    I was super excited about getting this for my massive cat. She's 25lbs should be 14). The regular square cat carriers are horrible for her. We literally have to spend an hour to get her into the square case every time she goes to the vet (at least 2x a year). This carrier makes it so much easier! It is literally a godsend. We took her to the vet the day after receiving and it was SO MUCH easier to get her in!

  • M. E. Rogers - The only stain remover to buy!

    I have three kids 8 & under and two dogs, and I have tried just about everything on the market. Kids & Pets is the best, hands down. It cleans the first time, takes the stain and odor away, and keeps pets from coming back to the area if they have marked. It does have a strong rubbing alcohol-type scent, but it evaporates and leaves your upholstery and carpet clean and fresh. It's much better than other cleaners that just cover up an odor with florals or other manufactured scents. I have used it to clean both our microfiber couch and my carpets and rugs, and it works wonders. My two year old gets into EVERYTHING, and so he's the one I'm cleaning up after the most. He did give me a run for my money last week with maple syrup on the couch and rug, but Kids & Pets got it out. Don't waste your money on anything else, this is the product to buy!

  • Rachel Stewart - A beautiful book

    I am starting my collection of children's books for my son. He is still a baby, but he loves to look at the big, interesting, and colorful pictures in this book. It is nice because there are very short stories for times when baby is particularly wriggley and it is time for bed, and longer stories for a growing attention span. He just likes the pictures right now. He tries to touch the animals on the pages. I like the fables because they teach good morals. This is one of those books that stays high on the bookshelf and can be a treasure for generations.

  • nctvi - One of the best action movies ever

    I have seen this movie several times since I bought it. When I want to totally escape, this is the movie to watch. The special effects are absolutely great. Be sure to watch the alternate ending - much better than the original.

  • Amazon Customer - Best headset I have ever used

    Best headset I have ever used. Functions as described in the product description! I have been wearing through multiple ones before finding the high level of satisfaction with this unit. I will be buying a dozen for Christmas presents. Thx for helping me getting some of my Christmas shopping done in August! Jim

  • Russell M Sasser - One of the better end of world films

    There is more action than most end of world flicks. The acting and story are both good. In retrospect, I realize they relied on coincidence a good deal but I did not notice it watching the movie. I recommend this for anyone who is into disaster flicks.

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