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  • memorychaser - Wanted to love it,

    I tried this product after reading the reviews. I truly wanted the product to work for me. I used it as directed for close to a week. My teeth became so sensitive that breathing actually HURT. I saw no lightening in my teeth either, so I discontinued use. I wish it had been a workable product for me. However, it was a waste of money in my experience. :(

  • Amazon Customer - This worked for me!!

    This is my first review of any Amazon product to help other customers. This product really worked for me. My blood test revealed positive H-pylori infection after my trip outside the country. But I believe that was due to my prolonged (more than 3 years - Started with Omeprazole 20mg and last I was on dexilant 60 mg) use of acid blockers for my acid reflux. My stomach pain did not go away even after 2 rounds of antibiotics. After reading other customer reviews, I ordered this product. I took a teaspoon twice a day (once before breakfast and once before dinner). I finished 2 jars of Manuka honey now. My stomach pain is gone and also my recent breath test revealed negative. I am also taking align probiatic and mastic gum 500mg before my breakfast daily. I am almost off of all the acid blockers.

  • Jordan - Excellent

    Every story had something profound to offer, and the writing was always surprising and very strong. This book has restored my faith in modern literature.

  • lisa - unknown

    hope it works as great as they say it does....we wont use till spring...on this product..till it warms up here in iowa

  • 3jane - Bang for your Buck: Surprisingly Good Phone

    VERY Pleasantly surprised with this phone, it took hell of a beating from use and abuse, i even soft bricked it, it came back after a reset and is better than ever, since all those unnecessary apps the carrier put on it is gone now.. I used Iphones before and both times i managed to break the screen in about two months, this phone's screen is plastic but very sensitive.

  • Wesley H. - Best choline (next to CDP-choline)

    Choline is essential for brain health. While dietary choline is usually enough for most people, sometimes there is a need for a bit more, such as nootropic users, that use racetams in particular. CDP choline is my personal favorite, since it converts to uridine in the body, but alpha gpc is a close second, and has some nice effects on growth hormone with makes it ideal for brain building and body building! This product is reasonably priced and dosed, which I am very happy with.

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