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Tanked Up Magazine, the magazine for scuba divers and dive clubs - The official website for the Tanked Up Magazine provides divers with scuba diving blogs; trip reports, club night events; cartoons; information on dive medicine and much more.

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  • http://www.tankedupmagazine.co.uk/cooking/index.php Recipes and cooking for scuba divers from Tanked Up Magazine - Cooking the Catch, recipes from the scuba diving chef, Andrew Maxwell. Great recipes to cook after diving for your freshest ingredients from the ocean, including: lobster, scallops, salmon, mussels, monkfish, haddock, langoustine, prawns, dover sole, mackerel, pollock, crab, coley, potted crab, and squid.
  • http://www.tankedupmagazine.co.uk/tripreports/form.php Dive club trip reports from the UK and abroad from the Tanked Up Magazine - Upload your dive club trip reports from the UK or around the world together with your photographs on the LTanked Up Magazine website and maybe the story from your dive trip will be published in the next issue of Tanked Up Magazine

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  • Los C - I'm not sure yet?

    I will be going into my third month and really haven't seen much of a difference but they say you should at least try for three months. I'm hoping it will do what it's suppose to do.

  • Michael T. Colloton - Glad I gave it a try

    I applied this to a 2014 Escape, so I can't speak to its restorative qualities. Hence the 4 stars. I can say that it's extremely easy to apply and the tiny bottle held enough to do every surface I could think of, including the door gaskets, and had enough left over to do a friend's headlights. A couple things to be aware of: The strong smell lingers for a couple days, so be prepared for it, especially if you keep your vehicle in a garage. Also, it's a little bit sticky until it cures completely (say, 24 hours). My power liftgate wouldn't open the next morning until I gave it a bit of help. Overall, I'm impressed so far and will almost certainly buy another kit in a few months.

  • Robert Becker - Great Gift for a Hostile Dictator

    Sent this as a Hanukkah gift to President Ahmadinejad. Got a thank you card back saying he loved it and I was his favorite infidel. Kudos to Amazon for a great product and fast shipping to Tehran.

  • R. Eye - Headaches and exasperation for me trying to utilize this software

    I had problems with Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus software from the beginning. I upgraded to Windows 10, so I don’t know if some of the issues I encountered were due to the upgrade, but the box states that Windows 10 is a compatible platform. One disclosure is that I have no GoPro or action camera footage that I was working on. I converted my old home videos to digital MP4 format and this was my primary source material. Many of the video tapes were half full while others had blue screen blanks that I wanted to delete.

  • Gail W - This collar failed horribly. Ever since putting this collar on my dog ...

    This collar failed horribly. Ever since putting this collar on my dog in April I was pulling 5-8 ticks off of her a night. Last week when she went for her annual check up my vet said a functioning collar would never have ticks on a dog. We pulled off 5 more ticks in her office. Her next question was where did I buy this (her office sells these too)? I told her online and the response was this year the market has been saturated with "knock offs" from China according to her veterinary readings. She also said there is no visual way one can tell the real collar from a knock off. This collar worked last year. Meanwhile I immediately switched to another product that I got at my vets and within 12 hrs. my dog was tick free and has remained so. Warning, if you love your dog, do not buy this collar from this site. All products sold at your vets are guaranteed to work and are certified by the company selling them.

  • John A. Rauth, Jr. - Unbelievable. I was skeptical but this really works. THANK YOU BEVERLY!

    My friend Beverly R recommended this supplement to me a month ago when I was having an arthritis flare up. Forty seven is too darn young to have such painful fingers. I mentioned this to Bev and she told me about Doctors Best Serrapeptase.

  • Knuckles - Luggage Racks OE Style

    I bought these for my 2014 Grand. The quality is great and the installation was fairly easy. Watch out not to strip the hex nuts as this can happen easily (as others have said). My biggest complaint is the wind noise! After about 35 MPH +, you get a howling noise which is VERY audible. I don't have a sunroof and can easily hear it. I might try rotating them around to see if this helps but probably not. I might return them or keep them but just take them off when not needed.

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