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  • picky - finally, I got mine.

    It's a great buy. I had been looking for a "complete" set of SAE and metric wrenches in local home center and hardware stores for a couple of months (for some DIY jobs on my cars). What disappointed me time over time is that no store seems to carry any reasonably "complete" wrench sets (SAE, Metric or both). After many visits and disppointments to the different local stores, I finally gave up and came back searching over my Amazon. A couple of clicks away, there it is. This Tekton 1916 has been waiting for me to pick. I am very happy to have the sets. It seems to have all the sizes I may need for my DIY jobs. I have just used the 19 mm with a 14 mm from a previous small set (5 pieces only with many sizes missing. I want to keep the new 14 mm new for now) to adjust the driver side tie rod end (replacement part) for the steering system of my car (please don't mess with yours if you don't know how). They fit and work perfectly. The vanadium steel is realy hard to beat. I now know Tekton as well. By the way, there is no missing or duplicating sizes in the set. They are as complete as in the descriptions. They smell as good as all the hardworking good tools do.

  • Linda Davis - Frequent reader of the series

    I too read this series year after year and think this is one of the best collections yet. More than anything else, all of the stories have a really strong voice. I did not dislike, or not finish, a single story, as I did in previous years.

  • J.W. - It continued to work after I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I was told it wouldn't. So I'm happy.

    This product has worked well for what I use it for. Primarily that is making CDs. I realize that is old fashioned but my stereo in my car doesn't have a plug in for my iPad so this works well for me. It is easy to use, mostly I could have used the burning program that came with Windows (XP, 7, & now 10) but this had some extra features I liked. I never made video DVDs so I don't know how convenient/easy that aspect of it is.

  • Bonnie W Paston - I Love Lucy

    I loved the book. The backstory of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz is fascinating. I think a reader though would have to be of a certain age for this memoir. Remembering the early days of television is a plus

  • Kim De La Peza - LOVE THIS TRAP

    LOVE THIS TRAP!! I knew I HAD a squirrel problem, but didn't realize how bad until I started trapping them. Within first 4 hours I trapped 10. By day 4, I'd trapped 65....yes, 65. I put one trap inside my chicken coop and still caught many squirrels in the trap despite having an open feeder full of chicken food. Had contacted 3 exterminators prior and all said I had to use poison to kill the squirrels. Not True! This trap did the trick. I still catch an occasional squirrel that wanders over from neighbors yard, but I've controlled the squirrel chaos at my home. Both my neighbor and my father have purchased that traps as a result of my recommendation and both r just a pleased and satisfied. Best solution to control a squirrel population!

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