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  • Bookreporter - Demonstrates by fascinating example what this brilliant, persuasive woman has contributed to today's America

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg addresses her good readers with an explanation of how MY OWN WORDS came into being. She was visited in chambers in 2003 by Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams, who volunteered to be her official biographers. Williams, equally invested in the law since the ’70s and a founder of the San Francisco-based Equal Rights Advocates, was on the faculty of Georgetown University Law Center. Hartnett was an adjunct professor there, and she was smart and sympathique --- an excellent partner in this venture. With no hesitation, Ginsburg accepted their offer. However, they changed course and decided to write her biography closer to the end of her term on the Supreme Court. They instead collected and edited landmark pieces of writing and talking engagements that are helpful in showing characteristics of Ginsburg, as well as establishing the national changes that have occurred since her birth in 1933.

  • No name - Fantastic ..here are the pros and cons..best present I have ever got!

    This product definitely works. When u first use it it definitely stings but after a couple of uses doesn't sting at all as hair is less. Do not flash the light on the same place twice thinking that it will kill hairs faster, I did this and burned myself ..ouch.

  • C. ZHANG - My brother likes it

    Got it for my lil brother who is in the 10th grade. He reads it like a bible. He likes it a lot and helped him tremendously.

  • Jenna - Clears skin without drying it out!

    This cream really works! I have some areas that keep breaking out no matter what I do. I have tried many different creams, facial scrubs, serums, and cleansers, and some have helped a little, but nothing has really cleared it up and prevented new breakouts. When I first used this cream, the first thing that I noticed was that it didn't dry out my skin. It left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. I like the pump mechanism for this cream, as it keeps it neat and helps you to not use too much. It doesn't have an overpowering smell, and the container is quite large and will last for a while. After just a couple days of use I could see lasting effects. The breakouts that I had were clearing up. It also diminished the redness and evened out my skin tone. After a week of use, it hasn't completely stopped new acne from appearing, however it is much less, does not last as long, and there is no redness. I would highly recommend this, as in all, these are the best results I have gotten with any product.

  • Mike Chelette - Not everything is best to buy online

    After receiving and assembling this bike and going on two short road trips, I wound up taking it to the local bike shop and spending $162 on a "tune up" and bike fitting. Money well spent, but had I realized that, I would have just bought a bike from them where I could ride before I buy, not have to assemble and the shop would have it tuned before I took possession. Assembling bikes is easy, but I found that adjusting derailleurs are not so easy. However, even with the $162 spent, I probably got a better deal on this bike than I would have from a bike shop.

  • Nick D - Great product that really works (be careful to clean it up thoroughly)

    I used this after I found the flea bombs only worked for a couple of days. This gets at the other stages of the flea's life cycle (egg, larva, etc). It takes a bit of work moving everything around and vacuuming it up, but it has worked for a couple months now. I did the upstairs and then the basement and garage. Be careful to vacuum it all up. One of my dogs decided that some residual powder I missed was tasty and she had an irritated throat which she treated by eating grass and weeds and throwing up for a couple of days. She was fine after that, but I am more careful now to vacuum and even mop after using it.

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