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Patient Experience Research Collaborative - Institute for Innovation - The Institute for Innovation is a nonprofit research collaborative that publishes relevant and practical findings to better understand and act upon the patient voice and help us know what we can do next to deliver better care.

  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/who-we-are Mission, Vision and Founding Principles - Institute for Innovation - Through collaboration with healthcare executives and industry leaders and with an unrelenting focus on the value of the patient voice, the Institute identifies the most critical elements of patient care that need to improve, and develops solutions to make a positive impact on experiences and outcomes.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/research Research Overview and Analytic Framework - Institute for Innovation - The Institute studies the relationships in performance data across measures to evaluate what factors drive outcomes of care.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/news-events News, Events, Articles - Institute for Innovation - Learn where you can read articles and hear upcoming presentations by the Institute faculty.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/participants Participants - Who's Involved and How - Institute for Innovation - The Founding Executive Council is a steering committee to determine, approve and prioritize Institute research projects. Members and industry experts participate in project work groups.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/who-we-are/founding-executive-council Founding Executive Council Member List - Institute for Innovation - The Founding Executive Council acts as a steering committee for the Institute, working with the Institute executive director, faculty and board to determine, approve and prioritize Institute research projects.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/blog Blog - Patient Experience and Reducing Patient Suffering - Institute for Innovation - Our blog theme, Reducing Patient Suffering: A Shared Responsibility, explores opportunities to mitigate unavoidable patient suffering and prevent avoidable suffering when optimal care is not delivered.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/research/current-projects Current Research Projects and Priorities - Institute for Innovation - Check here regularly to read about the current Institute research projects and initiatives.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/who-we-are/partners Partners Who Support and Collaborate With the Institute - Institute for Innovation - The Institute was founded by Press Ganey Associates, Inc. brings together many of the best minds in the industry to conduct research that leverages Press Ganey's industry-leading proprietary patient experience database.
  • http://www.theinstituteforinnovation.org/who-we-are/leadership Leadership Team Profiles - Institute for Innovation - Institute leadership consists of Deirdre Mylod, Dr. Thomas H. Lee, Dr. Jim Merlino, and Patrick Ryan.

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  • Angelica - not original packaging

    Item didn't come in it's original packaging so there is no way of knowing if it was the original tea bags. the tea bags came in a simple ziploc bag with a printed sheet in it.

  • Alice in Wonderland - A great "end of the world as we know it" Movie!

    I know I have watched this movie at least a dozen times....and I know I will watch it at least a dozen more. I have always loved a good disaster movie...end of the world as we know it movie...and this is one of the best! It takes you to the edge, but leaves you with hope. the acting is perfect, the setting, perfect.....I have no complaints.

  • LiquidD - Awesome for the size. Only 4" Tall

    I couldn't tell until it arrived but it is only four inches tall! The ad didn't show just how small it is. I actually used rubber cement to secure mine as I am sure it would be stolen within a week. It function's well for its size. Don't expect the same range as the factory 2 ft antenna

  • Carrie LaFontaine - ... Debbie Macomber's Christmas books and this one did NOT disappoint. It was a very sweet story set at ...

    I always look forward to reading Debbie Macomber's Christmas books and this one did NOT disappoint. It was a very sweet story set at Christmas with characters that I found interesting and connected with. If you are looking for a nice Christmas book to read I highly recommend this one.

  • HOTLNC - Check with Microsoft before purchasing Microsoft Office and Student 2016

    Microsoft Office and Student 2016 is NOT compatible with Outlook 2013. According to Microsoft's FAQ, Office and Student 2016 cannot exist on the same computer that has Outlook 2013 already loaded. If you want to REMOVE Outlook 2013, you can so inform the 2016 install process and Microsoft Office and Student 2016 will DELETE Outlook 2013 and then install itself. Once done, you will have to find yourself another email program. According to the "tech" I spoke to, there is no solution in the works. (The install process of Microsoft Office and Student 2016 implied that Microsoft knows of the compatibility problem and are working on a solution.)

  • jennifer g - this book is like the other anniversary edition of this series

    this book is like the other anniversary edition of this series. it also has MORE story included and you get a lot more into these couples and the situation that they go through. I loved this series and hope all of the books get extended editions, long time fans of this series will all love the anniversary editions and new readers will love them as well.

  • Mark - Works Great!

    I have had this monitor for roughly a year now and it works great. For the price and it's slim design, you can't get a much better value! Over the past year, it has come into contact with various sharp edges and forceful impacts but the monitor remains to work great with very slim noticeable scratches.

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