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The Midway Center for Integrative Health | Midway, Kentucky - The Midway Center for Integrative Health will be providing you with the knowledge and guidance to achieve vitality and balance for complete health.

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  • Elio Rutigliano - Important Book for your Health

    I liked this book for many reasons. It's really easy to read, and he's not trying to sell you his own line of products. He tells you what brands to buy from Walmart. I personally can't stand Walmart so I'll opt for Sprouts or Whole Foods, at least the staff there is knowledgeable and can point to better brands of supplements.

  • Texas mom - AND be easy to switch from floor types as well

    After being a Bissell customer for years, I decided it was time for a change. We recently installed wood-look tile throughout our house except for the bedrooms (they remain carpeted- and our house is 3000 sq.ft), and I wanted a vacuum that would clean both types of floors, AND be easy to switch from floor types as well. I read many reviews of the different Shark vacuums, and decided to go with the Navigator Deluxe NV42 precisely because it did not have all the bells and whistles I would never use or need anyway. Just wanted a very basic, easy to maneuver vacuum with big time suction. This model does not have a hepa filter, which I've discovered lessens the suction power; it does not swivel, which sounds like a pain to deal with (to me anyway); and it does not have the lift-off feature, which I would never use either. The two issues I was nervous about was the fact that the floor head was only 9.5 inches (seemed so small!) and the lightweight of the vacuum, much lighter than I was used to (I figured this might mean less powerful). I had nothing to fear- the smaller head in fact saves time because I am not moving chairs and furniture as much in order to get into tight spaces, and this machine does an excellent job in sucking every piece of dust, dirt, and hair off of both carpet AND bare floor as I have two small shedding dogs and a family of 5 (does a great job on edges too). When vacuuming carpet you simply push the off/on button all the way back and push the head down with your foot- and your brush begins to spin (there's so much power the machine kind of jumps and begins to move forward). To change to hard floor, switch the button to the middle position, and the brush stops spinning and you're ready to go. Very easy and the most powerful vacuum I've ever owned, even though it is lighter and easy to control. Obviously some people use all of the gadgets, but simple, powerful, and basic works best for me. I'm not throwing money down the drain on technology that I really don't use- this more straightforward model of Shark was the best choice for me. My Bissells did a great job on carpets, but not so much with the bare floors and were very hard to maneuver. I'm a new Shark fan for sure!


    This is not an exaggeration when I say the more you go, the harder it works. It does not mingle the scent, it completely covers it...there is NO Evidence left behind...except for the amazing scent. I'd give it ten starts if it could. This is one of only a few products I would ever really stand behind (this and continental Gator Skin bike tires). If you can make bad smells linger, one has to assume you are a zombie, and it is your rotting flesh on the other side of the Poo-Pourri that is making things unpleasant.

  • Vaz TV - Bargain software

    I have bought this product for several years now--it's a good software but I still get some viruses. I don't know if there is a antivirus software that's 100% safe---if anyone knows, let me know. I always buy this from Amazon, the auto renewal from the developer is about 3x more expensive.

  • Cal Johnson - Would give it LESS THAN ONE STAR if I could

    I hated the book but gave it 5 stars so Amazon wouldn't delete my review. I also wanted to see if it lists me as a verified purchase,

  • Kindle Customer - WoW, this is a great product.

    One little drop of this applied my medium length damp hair; then blow drying made it soft and shiny. I am a senior citizen and have not had my hair look so great for decades.

  • Michele Burns - Beautiful Solar Motion Lights

    I have bought several solar motion lights for my back yard due to having dogs and a pool. These lights are great solar motion lights. They are very compact/thin and are easy to install. They come with the screws needed to install on your home or fence. They charge nicely and have a beautiful light that comes on with motion all night. I received a discount when purchasing these lights in exchange for an honest review. I love them and highly recommend for anyone looking for motion lights that are not wired.

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