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  • mira1014 - Youtube recomendation

    My daughter got this after watching a youtube video about spraying shoes. She got new white converse for school and sprayed them and they still look brand new 8 weeks later! She sprayed them on the porch which now has a spot that is wather proof with a shoe outline! Next time news paper will definatly be put down first.

  • Sparkasaur - Not too be taken seriously.

    This book feels like it was written for teenagers. The language is oversimplified, and sometimes sounds downright unintelligent. The writer literally used the contraction "gonna" in the logic reasoning section. There are also too many references to the writer's personal opinion on matters.

  • Peter Gilligan - Great product. I have used this 10 times.

    The pills and powder are a little tough to get down, but by the third day you are used to the taste. This cleanse works great. Be prepared for day 2 and 3! Those days are when the cleanse really kicks in!

  • Hans - Wait for something better to come along

    What were they thinking? The thing clogs after a few cups. Their customer service advises turning it over and reaming out the water nozzle with a bent paper clip. What a joke. Forced to use K-cup from their approved venders, we figured out how to get around that with a bit of improvisation. Avoiding the clogged needle necessitated removing the bottom of a K-cup, washing out all the coffee, and running through a cup of water before and after each cup of coffee. The previous model was great, this one is a testament to poor design and rampant corporate greed.

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