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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 32.8403 Ankara, Turkey

  • Alma Pena - Do not buy this product!!!

    I was atracted by the price of this antivirus, I wasnt really needing one because my computer was working fine, but to protect my pc, I decided to order and download this antivirus. First, after It was installed in my pc, I noticed it was a basic antivirus, something that It wasnt explained in the description. Also I read some of the reviews of people saying that it burned their computers, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THOSE REVIEWS! after installing that antivirus, my laptop started acting up, and a couple times my hard drive started to shut down and the computer fixed some damages bla bla bla... So after a few weeks, and my computer continued acting up, until one day it didnt work anymore... I had to take it to an expert that told me that the hard drive was burned.. I lost important files, even though I could recover some files. But instead of getting a real antivirus and spend some extra bucks I ordered this fake crap that burn my hard drive... I had to buy a new one and I ended up spending more money...

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Easy solutions at first give way to brain stretchers. Very enjoyable way to make you think a little bit!

  • Vanessa - Pureleef- great product!

    Tried this product and felt a sensation right away. My husband asked me if I was wearing a butt pad. I will keep using.

  • HottiTati - Great cream for sun damaged skin

    Love this stuff. Been using it on my chest after so much sun damage I've done. I use it along with a glycolic peel. Been working great. Keep in mind it takes 28 days to completely renew your skin so be patient!

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