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Casualty Simulation Services | Trauma FX - Trauma FX provides professional casualty simulation services, role play actors and training courses to a range of different industries.

  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/contact Contact | Trauma FX - Contract Trauma FX to discover more about our range of service including casualty simulation, special effects make up and role play actors.
  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/make-up-services/ Special Effects Makeup | Trauma FX - Our highly skilled and professionally trained special affects makeup artists create incredibly realistic and believable simulations.
  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/actor-services/ Amputee Role Play Actors & Trauma Scenarios | Trauma FX - Our specially trained amputee role play actors recreate accurate trauma scenarios using realistic prosthetics and expert CASSIM effects.
  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/industry-services/ Industry Services, Trauma FX - Trauma FX provides specialist casualty simulation services, makeup and prosthetics for a wide range of different industries.
  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/training-courses/ Casualty Simulation & Special Effects Makeup Training Courses, Trauma FX - We provide the only specialist casualty simulation and make-up training courses available in the UK.
  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/shop/ Trauma FX Online Store, Realistic Casualty Simulation Specialists - Trauma FX specialise in providing the finest and most realistic casualty simulation products. Choose from a range of bloods, wound waxes and accessories today.
  • http://www.traumafx.co.uk/gallery/ Casualty Simulation Gallery | Trauma FX - Browse through our gallery to discover the range of specialist services we provide which cover make up, role play, training, film and media.

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  • hooper1 - Zippers Broke on 2nd Use

    The cooler itself is great. Insulated well and keeps everything cold all day. Straps are sturdy and the shoulder strap is convenient. However, the pocket zipper and one of the two main zippers broke on the second use. Expected it to be more durable than that as a marine tote!

  • Rob Eberle - Buyers Beware

    Buyers beware of the fine print or you will be scammed into buying additional installments at much greater expense than the initial CD. It is a bait and hook company that should be avoided. The teaching technique is antiquated as well and doesn't teach you how to speak "on the street".

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