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Easycare Hoof Boots | Barefoot Horse Advice | Hoof Boot Wholesalers - Trelawne Equine is specialist in hoof boots, barefoot horse riding advice and natural horse care. Trelawne are dedicated UK distributors and wholesalers of the Easycare hoof boot range which includes Easyboot, Old Mac’s, Easysoaker and Boa hoof boots and accessories.

  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/about-us/ About Us | Trelawne Equine - Hoof boot distributors and wholesalers and experts in barefoot horse riding advice.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/advice-centre/ Hoof Boot Advice | Barefoot Horse Riding Help - Trelawne Equine are great believers in barefoot horse riding and natural horse care. As UK distributors for the Easycare range of hoof boots, Trelawne equine are experts in advice and help in barefoot horse riding and the Easycare ranges.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/trimmer-list/ Certified Hoof Care Specialists | Trimmers - Here you can find a list of certified hoof care specialists and hoof trimmers in the UK.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easyboot-trail/ Easyboot Edge | Easycare Hoof Boots - Easyboot, Trail, hoof, boot, boots, barefoot, horse, riding, equestrian, equine
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easyboot/ EasyBoot | Easycare Hoof Boots - The Easyboot is the original hoof boot and part of the Easycare range of hoof boots for barefoot horse riding. The Easyboot provides excellent protection for short and long distance riding and are designed as a shoeing alternative.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easyboot-epic/ EasyBoot Epic | Easycare Hoof Boots - An advancement on the standard Easyboot design, the Easyboot Epic is a more rigorous hoof boot suitable for harsher terrain and fitted with a gaiter for extra protection and to keep the inside of the boot free from dirt and grit; Perfect for barefoot horse riding.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easyboot-glove/ Easyboot Glove | Easycare Hoof Boots - The Easyboot Glove is a hoof boot that gives a form fitting seamless fit. The Easyboot Glove responds like a barefoot hoof thus is almost the same as having your horse barefoot. It is tough but flexible and adds a good amount of traction.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easyboot-glove-back-country/ Easyboot Glove Back Country - The Easyboot Glove Back Country is the ground breaking new boot that takes the very best from the top selling hoof boots; Easyboot Trail and Easyboot Glove to make a 'super hoof boot' in the form of the Easyboot Backcountry.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/old-macs-g2/ Old Mac's G2 Hoof Boots - The Old Mac's G2 hoof boot has quickly become one of the most popular hoof boots in the UK. Based on the original Old Mac's hoof boot, the G2 is a more sleeker and refined hoof boot featuring all the same benefits of the standard Old Mac’s and much more.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easysoaker/ EasySoaker Hoof Boots - The Easysoaker is a specialist hoof boot from Easycare that serves several purposes such s soaking and poulticing, conditioning, holding medication at a wound site and other applications. As the Easysoaker is waterproof it makes it ideal for these purposes.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easyboot-rx/ EasyBoot RX | Easycare Hoof Boots - The Easyboot RX is a light and durable hoof boot that offers support and stability and is a perfect therapy boot for horses. It can provide stability and relief for many lower lib and hoof related ailments and issues and is used by Vets and horse care professionals.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/easycare-fitkit/ Easycare Fit Kit | Hoof Boot Fitkit - The Easycare Fit Kit allows horses hoofs to be sized correctly and easily for the best fit before ordering either the Easyboot Glove or Easyboot Glue-On. Due to the unique nature of these hoof boots the Easycare Fit Kit is the only real way to determine the correct sizing.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/riders-rasp/ Rider's Rasp | Hoof Care | Horse Rasp - The Rider's Rasp is an innovative new take on hoof rasps that can be safely used on horses to control flare, round or roll the edge of the hoof and maintain a break over between professional trims. The Rider's rasp has been designed to allow the horses hoof to be held to the side and in one hand.
  • http://www.trelawneequine.co.uk/products/accessories/ Accessories | Trelawne Equine - Trelawne equine are specialist in hoof boots and with this in mind offer huge ranger of accessories designed to be used with hoof boots and for natural hoof care from comfort pads and inserts, to spare hoof boot bags, straps, fasteners, Easyfoam, wraps, studs and much more.

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