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Test & Treat to End AIDS - We believe that the spread of HIV/AIDS can be stopped by effective behavioral and preventive interventions.Test & Treat to End AIDS (TTEA) believes by using a strategy to “test and treat now” vs. the current approach of “test and wait,” we can virtually stop the transmission of HIV in a matter of years.

  • http://www.ttea.info/about.html About TTEA - Test and Treat to End AIDS - Test & Treat to End AIDS (TTEA) was formed in 2010 to advocate for the funding of a large scale test & treat 'proof of concept' to determine the strategies effectiveness in stopping the transmission of HIV, reducing costs, and saving lives. We need a new strategy to battle HIV and AIDS. Routinely testing for HIV and aggressively treating HIV infections as soon as they are confirmed can stop the HIV/AIDS nightmare of infection and death. We potentially have the tools at our disposal. We need the will and the investment.
  • http://www.ttea.info/about_hiv.html About HIV / AIDS - The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) destroys T helper cells in the blood, compromising the immune system. As an infected person’s immune system gradually weakens, it becomes harder and harder to fight off infections such as tuberculosis. Without treatment, the person eventually dies from opportunistic infections.
  • http://www.ttea.info/proposal.html Our Proposal to end AIDS - Immediate treatment of HIV / AIDS is the key because it reduces the amount of virus in the body – called the viral load – to the level where the person cannot pass on the virus, breaking the chain of transmission.
  • http://www.ttea.info/faq.html Frequently Asked Questions about TTEA and HIV / AIDS - TTEA is an advocacy organization. TTEA is advocating for the funding of a large scale test & treat 'proof of concept' in one or more countries disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • http://www.ttea.info/scientific.html Scientific Data related to HIV / AIDS - Growing scientific evidence shows that the test-and-treat approach can control HIV/AIDS in a cost-effective manner. In response, some programs are beginning to shift treatment protocols to begin antiretroviral drugs immediately after positive HIV tests.

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