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Healthcare & Investment Services | UPAL - UPAL has a long history of providing quality healthcare & investment services to healthcare professionals. UPAL is not limited to the healthcare industry.

  • http://www.upal.com/4201-2/ WealthBuilder Update | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service - The Asset Allocation Committee is modestly constructive on the market and decided to maintain an underweight in fixed income and overweight in equity.
  • http://www.upal.com/retirement/ Retirement Saving Options | UPAL - UPAL offers a full range of retirement saving options for its members including a 401(k) profit sharing plan and personal and IRA investment programs.
  • http://www.upal.com/retirement/iras/ IRAs | UPAL | Tulsa IRA plans - UPAL offers flexible options for both Traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts (IRA) which are ideal for transferring 401(k) balances from prior employers.
  • http://www.upal.com/retirement/investment-performance/ Investment Performance | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service | Tulsa investment Advisor - As an investor, you want to know that your investments are working hard for you. Investment performance is the return on an investment portfolio 
  • http://www.upal.com/toolkit/ Toolkit | UPAL | Investment Toolkit - At UPAL we collected time-saving forms & information for you. Review & use at your convenience. Download our Investment Toolkit today.
  • http://www.upal.com/toolkit/benefit-plan-limits/ Benefit Plan Limits | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service | Tulsa investment Advisor - 2016 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLAN LIMITSThe IRS recently released employee benefit plan limits for 2016. There are NO changes for 2016.
  • http://www.upal.com/toolkit/managed-care-contract-review/ Managed Care Contract Review | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service | Tulsa investment Advisor - For over 25 years, UPAL has been applying its proprietary contract review system, designed by professionals for the benefit of professionals.
  • http://www.upal.com/toolkit/prevent-merger-mishaps/ Prevent Merger Mishaps | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service | Tulsa investment Advisor - Medical Practice Improvement News: Prevent Merger Mishaps with Careful Planning. So you’ve decided to enter into a merger. First of all, congratulations
  • http://www.upal.com/membership/ Membership | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service | Tulsa investment Advisor - UPAL is a financial services and group purchasing cooperative owned by its members. UPAL is directed by an eleven-member physician board
  • http://www.upal.com/board-of-directors/ Board of Directors | Utica Physicians Association - Meet the Utica Physicians Association board of directors. We take pride on our ability to serve our clients well.
  • http://www.upal.com/about-upal/our-company/ Our Company | UPAL | Physicians Financial Service | Tulsa investment Advisor - We believe our first responsibility is to our clients who use our products and services. To meet their needs, everything we do must be of highest quality. 

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  • Angel Lees - totally thrilled

    Thank you, Great sale. Great product, So happy to finally have it and I just can't say enough here thanks

  • Richard T McCahill - Non stick My Buttocks!

    Like many of you out there I couldnt wait to crack a couple of fried eggs on this to see if it works like it shows on TV. Bad news folks, it dont! In the commercial they show a guy sliding two fried eggs around in the pan and it is a total lie. I dont know about you folks, but I dont like getting suckered. This pan is going right back where it came from.

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