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  • http://www.usa-markets.com/for-sale For sale , USA-Markets - Everything Else Statesville, Perforating is MUCH more than just punching holes in objects, perforating is artistic and functional. Stop and look arou...
  • http://www.usa-markets.com/for-sale/animals Animals , USA-Markets - Animals , Hand fed and socialized with Kids. Parents are magnificent specimens in full feather, and dad's the largest B&G Read...

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  • Bdav11 - Love it Ordering More

    I first heard about lean 1 at the smoothie king in my area. It's super easy to make and fulfilling. I went from 185 to 177 within a 2-3 week time frame in addition to going to the gym 3 days out the week for at least 45 mins. I recommended the product to all my coworkers!

  • Joel Rigsby - This does work I had an intake manifold gasket leak ...

    This does work I had an intake manifold gasket leak put it in a year ago seized up the water pump but it's sealed everything don't use too much your screw up your heater core replaced water pump everything's great

  • Sarah P - Best daily moisturizer EVER!

    I use this every morning and night. I LOVE it! My skin has never looked and felt so healthy! The redness in my cheeks have completely toned down (I have rosacea) and I have had no acne since using it!

  • Reviewer44 - I received this product at a discount price in exchange ...

    I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest review. I put this statement on all herbal, natural products I purchase because I believe that it takes time to tell if these types of products are working. I realize it slows the review process down but it is important to me.

  • techy - Nest cannot to be trusted as a company, little integrity and very dishonest.

    Bought 2 Nest units from Amazon, they installed as easy as the Ecobee3 - took about 20 minutes to swap out the old (dumb) thermostat. Worked for a while until it received an update, then began throwing the E3 and E4 errors. Contacted Nest, got escalated to a senior tech since initial troubleshooting did not resolve the persistent error. After trying multiple procedures to get the unit to work, unit was deemed defunct. Tech sent out a replacement unit which arrived in a few days. Installed the unit and got the same E3 error. Contacted Nest again and worked with a tech who was convinced that the Nest was not the issue (he had already confirmed that my system was on the compatibility list) but something else with my HVAC system. He requested a certified HVAC tech to work with which he said, in no uncertain terms that if a Nest technician requests the HVAC tech ($165 per visit) that the cost would be covered by Nest, he also said that any costs would be reimbursed if the Nest ended up being the issue. Fine, got an HVAC tech scheduled to come onsite ($165), he worked with the same Nest tech as before who then instructed the HVAC tech to change the furnace board ($200 without labor). This involved another visit ($165) as the board was not in hand. Contacted Nest again since the apparent diagnosis by the Nest tech was incorrect; the furnace board was not the issue. HVAC tech was called back ($165) and the latest diagnosis by the Nest tech was that the wiring for the house was bad!!!! Ok, fine, got wires run under the house ($350) to fix the issue, still the Nest did not work. Contacted Nest again, since there is absolutely nothing else in the system to change or replace, the Nest was deemed to be incompatible with my system (wow the Nest tech figured this out now!). Bought an Ecobee3 off Amazon, installed it in 20 minutes, works flawlessly, in fact in my opinion, it works better than the Nest.

  • Mark - The Trouble with Tribbles

    It took a lot of convincing, but after nagging my wife for (quite literally) weeks, I finally convinced her that our audio system needed these speaker cables. Sure, we live in a trailer, but even we need some high quality audio from time to time. I have, after all, spent a lot of time getting the acoustics of that trailer just right. And I figured I could reduce my low frequency even further with these bad boys.

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