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Vibra Hospital of Fargo | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - With a management team that has more than a century of combined experience in the development and operation of freestanding Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospitals (IRF) and Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospitals in markets from coast to coast, Vibra Healthcare is uniquely qualified to be a leader in the field of acute rehabilitation and LTAC hospitalization.

  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide.aspx Admissions | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Our Admitting staff receives prior notice of the date and time of a patient’s arrival. Upon admission, the patient or their designee must sign the conditions of admissions form to enable Vibra to begin treatment.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/personal_needs.aspx Personal Needs | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - The patients are encouraged to bring any corrective devices or equipment they currently are using, such as hearing aids, dentures or glasses.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/local_hotels.aspx Local Hotels | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Hotels in the surrounding area of Vibra Hospital of Fargo and their addresses and phone numbers.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/restaurants.aspx Restaurants | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - There are many restaurants in the surrounding areas of the hospital and this is a list of them with their addresses.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/mission_statement.aspx Mission Statement | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - We at Vibra Healthcare are dedicated to providing patient care with a commitment to clinical service excellence, a culture that inspires teamwork and a passionate workforce driven by a dedication to patient wellness.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/thank_you_vibra_healthcare.aspx Thank you Vibra Healthcare | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Thank you messages from past patients that had a good experience at the hospital.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/privacy_practices.aspx Privacy Practices | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/health_insurance.aspx Health Insurance | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Vibra Hospital accepts most commercial insurance plans, including, Medicare. Hospitalization insurance information is obtained prior to admission. The Admissions Department works closely with all insurance plans to verify coverage benefits and policy limitations and obtain authorization. You will be notified of any co-payments or deductibles prior to your admission.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/financial.aspx Financial | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Most commercial insurance such as Medicare cover hospitalization at Vibra Hospital. Hospitalization insurance information is obtained prior to the admission. The insurance company will be notified promptly of the plan for a patient’s admission in order to verify coverage, benefits, policy limitations, and to request authorization for payment of services.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/patient_guide/nutrition.aspx Nutrition | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Food Services A complete and nutritious diet is essential to a patient’s recovery. The food service manager and dietician are available to speak with anyone with questions, special needs or preferences. The hospital menu offers a variety of dishes.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/welcome_message.aspx A Message from our CEO | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - On behalf of the entire Vibra Hospital of Fargo staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you. Whether you are visiting, seeking employment or just researching our services, we hope you find our website helpful and informative.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/long-term_acute_care.aspx What is Long-Term Acute Care | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Long-term acute care (LTAC) is the type of care provided in Vibra Hospitals. Vibra has a nationwide network of transitional care hospitals unique in their ability to care for medically complex patients who benefit from extended recovery time.?
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/long-term_acute_care/what_is_a_specialty_acute_care_hospital.aspx What is a Transitional Care Hospital? | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Vibra specialty acute care hospitals (certified as long-term acute care hospitals) are unique in their ability to care for difficult to treat, chronically critically ill patients who require specialized and aggressive goal-directed care over an extended recovery period.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/long-term_acute_care/licenses_and_certifications.aspx Licenses and Certifications | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Vibra Hospital of Fargo has many Licenses and Certifications for their practices.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/long-term_acute_care/patient_services.aspx Patient Services | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Vibra Hospital of Fargo provides patient services to make sure that their stay at the hospital is a good experience.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/pulmonary_care.aspx Pulmunary Care | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - At Vibra Hospital, we understand the hardships experienced by patients who require mechanical ventilator support. Our goal is to help our patients breathe on their own again and regain their independence.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/complex_wound_care.aspx Complex Wound Care | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Vibra Hospital has a comprehensive inpatient Wound Care Program designed for patients requiring extensive treatment interventions.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/dialysis.aspx Dialysis | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - When kidney failure occurs, dialysis is essential to filter impurities from your blood and maintain the chemical balance you need to stay alive.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/iv_antibioitic_therapy.aspx IV Antibioitic Therapy | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Our interdisciplinary team provides IV antibiotic therapy for medically complex patients who require a consistent dosage of antibiotics to fight infection. We offer care for patients who are seriously ill with multiple medical problems, including those currently on IV medications in an acute care setting with daily physician intervention.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/rehabilitation_services.aspx Rehabilitation Services | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Our hospital works in partnership with RehabCare to provide therapy to medically complex patients who require specialized treatment and extended recovery time within a long-term acute care hospital setting.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/pain_management.aspx Pain Management | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Patients admitted to Vibra Hospital have the right to appropriate assessment and management of pain, information about pain, pain relief measures, and to participate in pain management decisions.
  • http://www.vhfargo.com/services/other_services.aspx Other Services | Vibra Hospital of Fargo - Vibra Hospital of Fargo provides other services that compliment their patient care.

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