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Vitality Integrative Medicine - Our mission is to deliver excellence in Comprehensive Health Consultations, Integrative Medicine and Personalized Therapeutic Planning.

  • http://www.vitalityintegrativemedicine.com/About.html About Vitality Integrative Medicine - Integrative Medicine is an evidence based healthcare approach that combines both conventional or allopathic and complementary or natural therapies.
  • http://www.vitalityintegrativemedicine.com/Practitioner.html Practitioner Tara Maltman-Just, RPh, ABAAHP, FAARFM - As Founder and Executive Clinician, Tara brings passion for patient care and extensive integrative medicine training to help people optimize their health.
  • http://www.vitalityintegrativemedicine.com/Consultations.html Comprehensive Health Consultations - Personalized and Comprehensive Health Consultations are the cornerstone in identifying your body’s individual needs and your personal health goals.
  • http://www.vitalityintegrativemedicine.com/How_We_Can_Help.html Vitality Integrative Medicine: Medical Conditions Treated - Review our detailed listing of specific health issues and medical conditions to see How We Can Help. Embrace your vision for vitality!
  • http://www.vitalityintegrativemedicine.com/Event_Calendar.html Event Calendar - vitality integrative medicine holds Seminars and Webinars on a range of topics. Stay notified and tell us what topics matter most to you.
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  • http://www.vitalityintegrativemedicine.com/FAQs.html Vitality Integrative Medicine: Frequently Asked Questions - Find out how vitality integrative medicine can help you to improve your health through personalized, compassionate and innovative care.
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  • Jake - Perfect

    These fit like Ford made them just for my SUV. Much better than any others I have seen. You will NOT be disappointed.

  • Consumer Joe - This Will Kill Your Phone Battery - There are Safer Alternatives

    This charger NEVER STOPS CHARGING and therefore risks the lifespan of your non-replaceable phone battery or worse, could exacerbate an already dangerous situation with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries. The phone gets very hot during the fast charge cycle but then it never cools off, even hours after reaching 100%. I used this primarily on my nightstand and no matter what time of night I pick up my phone it's very warm to the touch. Check the reviews and you will see several comment on this warm to the touch phenomenon.

  • Shana - Every 10 year old boy MUST HAVE

    This is what my son thinks. It is always a favorite gifts that gets passed around and enjoyed by all. Fascinating reading, tried and true...or so we are led to believe. Works for us!

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