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  • ccb2 - The Best ANTI-American Short Stories 2011

    I should have known when the editor (not to be confused with the GUEST editor) said the functional equivalent of "Americans and their petty problems bore me. Send me a story--maybe two!--that mention Lagos and THEN my interest will be piqued!"--this was not going to be the collection for me. Still, I read on, ignoring the red flags being waved when the guest editor--an Australian w/a Pulitzer--expressed her struggles at selecting worthy examples of short stories with "honest emotion" before imparting to the (hopefully) Godless youth the "wisdom" that true American writing can only be formed after having "authentic life experiences" = spending time in...gross European train stations(?). I am ashamed to say..I read on.

  • R.Sojka - Very wordy and descriptive of the TV industry

    Could have bee written in 100 pages instead of 6000. Has some interesting facts about the 60 plus years of the spotlight.

  • Amazon Customer - Time saver

    I know that I could do what this device does, but I love the time it saves. It makes my computer more useful for entertainment. The registration process was a bit on the tricky side, so setup wasn't as fast as I'd hoped. It does work with ubuntu Linux.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice and soft

    I only use it when I feel my hair is in need of something soft for my hair. It works just as I had hoped it would.

  • Win2000 - Doesn't Work With My Two Speed AC

    I ordered this from Amazon with the anticipation of easily hooking it up...unfortunately, it doesn't work with my dual speed air conditioner. Spoke to the company and they said maybe in the near future they would make some changes so it will work. I would think that a company that puts themselves out there as very up to date on the technology would have a thermostat that would work on all kinds of AC handlers. Another company, Ecobee, has a smart WI-FI thermostat that can be connected to a two stage handler such as mine---if they can make one work that way I don't understand why NEST can't. Anyway, as far as coolness, the NEST is much cooler looking. For not being up to date on this technology, I give the product only 2 stars.

  • Ghost Writer - Miracle in a bottle!

    I've got 200K plus miles on my little car but I want to keep it going so when my wife noticed a few spots of oil underneath it one day I got concerned. I took it into my mechanic and he said it was the rear main seal. He told me to monitor it as he saw no point in replacing it just yet. He said it would be about a $1500.00 repair when the time came though.

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