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Country:, Europe, BG

City: 23.3167 Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria

  • Kris - Not compatible with mint

    Doesn't link with Mint so its completely worthless to me unless I want to go back through years of transactions fixing everything. Also, several accounts it didn't pick up properly. Its always a shame when you buy something and immediately realize its unusable.

  • MaruMaro - It works--slowly but surely.

    I've been using this product twice a day for three weeks--in the morning and at bedtime. I have dark underarm because I use an epilator rather than shave, and I've read that will darken the skin due to the tugging of the skin. Well, during pregnancy, the skin darkened more to where you can see dark lines on the natural folds of skin. It's really embarrassing especially with the warm summer months and clothing going on now. The lotion is white and the consistency is medium and a little bit does go a long way. It has a pleasant scent. Most importantly, this works! It has lightened up considerably, but I will keep using this product faithfully until I get the results I want. Also, it doesn't irritate my skin.

  • Amy Byrne - Great Curry

    AudioQuest Diamond is a great restaurant. I personally love their curry dishes, but my husband thinks their aloo gobi is the best. Some people think $1,500 is too much for a meal, but I say that you can't overpay for quality.

  • Fastphoto - I would not recommend this software to my worse enemy

    The only thing it is make Blu Ray copies of YOUR disks that you have made. It may be possible to make a copy of any disk that YOU have. I have tried each function (BTW there is no set of instructions with the package except for how to install it.) and have not discovered how copy files from a CD to another type file (MP3). I have tried to use it several times but it does not translate from one type to another. I would not recommend this software to my worse enemy!!

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