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  • Shankar - Have always wanted to play cricket on PS3 and this satiates me!

    I am a cricket crazy guy. Every morning, I wake up on cricinfo website, and read everything on it. If I need a break from my technical work, I play a game of stick cricket. I can bowl, bat and field without a cricket ground or ball or bat - in my living room, or while walking on the road or while strolling on the beach. As soon as I purchased my PS3, I always wanted to play cricket on it, and purchased this.

  • E. Whiteway - Only Diaper Rash Cream that Worked!

    Although this cream is on the expensive side, I don't care because it is the only cream that worked on our daughters diaper rash. She had a pretty bad rash the first few months and the other more popular brands didn't work. I believe this one works because it is so thick and doesn't easily get wiped away by the diaper. The others are more liquidy. When your baby has the rash, after wiping, be sure her skin is dry before applying the cream (we usually patted dry with unmoisturized toilet paper). We then applied a yeast infection ointment that our doctor prescribed us and then applied a super thick coat of Triple Paste, "like icing on a cake" as my doctor suggested, to act as a barrier. We were going through these every other week to get rid of her initial rash but it was well worth it. Once the rash was gone, we have only been applying a thin coat and it is lasting at least a couple months or more. My doctor uses this cream in her office as well which always makes you feel good about the choices you made.

  • James A. Burnett - 2013 Sucks!

    We recently got Microsoft Office 2013 at the work place and two weeks in all I can say is I HATE it...!!!!!! I hate the dull grey look background in outlook, I hate the feel of it, I hate the way the paste button works now and I hate the fact that you left out one of the best programs of 2010 which is the Picture manager. I wonder if the folks at Microsoft just sit around and get high and/or drunk change a few settings and they say lets release this on the world and make another billion dollars.......Sick and tired of Microsoft upgrades they do NOTHING to make our lives easier only more difficult. Wish I HAD the choice to go BACK to 2010 but Microsoft is bilking those who are forced to use it.......Wish I could give 0 stars instead of 1.

  • Elle - Does the job

    I do my taxes every year using this. I don't know if I get as much back as I would if I used an accountant, but I figure that it evens out since I would probably have to pay an accountant the difference. This software is very easy to use. They ask questions and I never feel like something is missing. I have a house, charitable contributions, investments, etc. I efiled with no issues.

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