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  • M.P.Page - It works

    Super Colon Cleanse works really well. I take 4 at night and 4 first thing in the morning. I always have a bowel movement shortly after waking up and then once if not twice again during the day. This has not made me sick, it has only work very well.

  • Amazon Product Reviews - Tone Corrects but...

    I use both the shampoo and conditioner for this product. It's great to use as a quick tough up as I do notice less brassy blonde after use. My complaint is that it leaves my hair super dry and frizzy, even with the recommended conditioner. I use this once a week or less as a maintenance product in between salon visits.

  • Philip Jimenez III - Other than that silly mistake it seems to work just fine although a little expensive (I found a similar

    DO NOT USE AN IMPACT/HAMMER DRILL WITH THIS!! Other than that silly mistake it seems to work just fine although a little expensive (I found a similar, all metal, jig at the local Harbor Freight). I also was not a fan of having to use the proprietary screws with this jig so I went up to the local lumber store and found some similar Philips/square head screws in the bulk section that will work with the Kreg Jig. My first project was a kitchen table for my wife that I built out of 2x8 Doug fir and the jig worked great. The material I choose is a bit of a pain in the butt but a kitchen table top for around $40 can't be beat. I will try and remember to post pics when I am done staining and sealing.

  • J. Catlett - Great way to remove frizz

    I love to change my hair frequently with dye and perms, which results in frizzy split ends. This is the fastest, easiest way to control the friz and damaged ends on mornings, leaving natural-looking curls or waves where I'd previously only had a frizzy mess.

  • Anthony Seran - Really Works

    Used it to fix my slippers. THe sole stitching that bound the sole to the upper separated in the back half of the slipper. I squeezed it in and pressed it together and put them on the next day good as new.

  • SeaDog - Just fair

    The price was fair for this product however the shipping was very slow. I followed the instruction exactly as written for a spa, however it did not stop the leak only slowed it down some. Maybe my leak was in a area that was not stoppable. It was a good try before having to trash the tub.

  • Chloe Bird - Good Product, Great Price!

    I am a lip gloss junky; I will try anything so I have found a lot of duds! However, I love a product! It is super shiny, with just a tint of color (the gold looks great over lip stain, but alone is a little Ziggy Stardust, however, the pink looks great over a stain or alone) While it is shiny, it is not sticky like a lot of glosses or plumpers. This product also lacks the funny smell and taste that a lot of plumpers and glosses have. Now, the burn is a factor here-- it starts a few seconds after application and offers a sting-- but it is not as bad as some I have tried. The plump is also not a great as some other I have tried, but the plumping is visible and last for a while. Over I love it as a gloss and it is a passable plumper (hence the 4 stars, instead of 5). I will buy the product again as the price is great and the shipping was very fast.

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