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  • Rich Johnsen - great game! - Top shot elite is excellent to use also.

    whole family enjoys this! Several people have commented on the calibration issue of the Top Shot Elite with big screen tv's. No problem for us, just need to be about 10 ft away from the screen. The directions say something like 4 to 9 ft, but with the big screen area and 1 sensor bar you need to be a good 9-10 ft back. we have our wii sensor bar on top of a 50 inch tv.

  • Julia Johnson - works great on bathroom tile!

    I thought my boys had completely destroyed my bathroom - there was nothing I could do to get rid of the stench around the toilet where urine had seeped down into the 60 year old grout & tile. And this is only two boys in, we have two more yet to potty train! First word of advice: don't teach your little boys to stand at the toilet unless you plan on purchasing stock in this company! I doused the floor and walls around my toilet, came back an hour later and swished a little more all around, then let it dry... I probably looked like a crazy person smelling down and around every corner, marveling at the pleasant smell the bathroom hasn't seen since before kids! A little bit of sanity restored. Worth every penny (ie 498 pennies a bottle at Walmart).

  • Matt F - About 1 year and 60lbs later

    Not being a believer in "diets", it was a giant step for me to try a "diet supplement". I'm glad I did as I have slowly and consistently lost weight (and more important to me, body fat). I've been in "maintenence mode" now for about 3 or 4 months (no longer trying to reduce body fat just taking steps to stop it coming back). The weight I lost happened over roughly 8 months. Was this a miracle diet supplement? No. However, this product, the coaching/information from Realdose, and frequent and regular exercise made a powerful combination which I attribute to my success. I learned a lot and changed my habits significantly to get back to the shape I wanted to be in.

  • One word awesome - Cool

    I like this app because its ad free & it has excellent graphics for a kindle defiantly a recommended app.

  • stacy - not good

    I bought Idol Lash and used it for a couple of weeks and saw no difference at all. Save your money and buy something else.

  • spammy0124 - Webroot SecureAnywhere 2013 review

    Webroot SecureAnywhere was the only product of five anti-virus products I tried that found and eliminated a nasty rootkit that was on my PC. The scan is very fast and the product does NOT bog down my machines. The is an excellent anti-virus and web security product and for the money, an outstanding buy.

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