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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Raymond C. - Best home backup software I've ever used

    I have used different backup software products ranging from a home setting with only 2 PCs to a corporate setting where dozens to hundreds of computers were backed up. I use Acronis True Image (Home) exclusively for my home networked PCs and it is perfect for that use. I have never used anything else since discovering True Image Home about 10 years ago when I tested many products trying to find a decent backup solution. Nothing else came close to True Image.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Convenient

    This project is super convenient since it is an all in one package! It has all of the capabilities of new televisions in that contains and operating system which can support most apps from the Google Play store including Netflix. Also the picture and resolution is very nice.

  • Patricia P. Surrey - Used to speed up a slow drain and it worked!

    I know, it's not what it is for. But I reached the end of my rope with my bathroom sink. I have a slow drain and I swear I used every freaking thing to clear it. I even pulled apart all the pipes to discover the problem is in the main line. But none of the main line products worked and plumber's wanted both my arm, leg, and first born child. I don't have kids so I couldn't afford it :-)

  • J. McGaw - A Good Unit

    Honestly, I'd have gone for 4.5 stars but since we are limited to integer values I'll give them the extra half. This is a replacement for a very old Cyberpower 1250AVR (can't remember the exact model). It became intermittent causing mysterious crashes of a computer which resides out of view in the basement so it was very difficult to troubleshoot. Initially I thought it was batteries, the most common cause of UPS problems, but it proved to be something more deep. I didn't hesitate to buy a new Cyberpower unit since I already had five of them and had never had any trouble with them before this.

  • Graham - ATP. Best used depending on the application. Give it a shot!

    I am posting neutral feed back as this did not fix my leak. This product worked great for about a week and then my leak resurfaced. I can't say this product sucks or wouldn't work for everyone because I am not sure. I am posting 4 stars because the product took effect rather quick and the results were almost instant. But, it didn't last. I guess it all depends on the application, vehicle and the type of seal in question. As for me, it was an oil cooler ring. This ring needed to be replaced so I just caved and did it after the ATP stop leak had quit working. I would advise to purchase this and give it a shot. By far the most potent solution I have tried. But, it wasn't a permanent fix for me.

  • Reanna - My Favorite Coffee!!!

    This is my absolute favorite Starbucks coffee!! I literally wait all year for Casi Cielo to come back out and I try every year to by a full years worth. Of course I drink it too often to make it last the whole year. :)

  • Jumping4Joy - Perfect addition to BOB stroller!

    Works great with Chicco Keyfit 30. Love my BOB stroller but also wanted the flexibility of leaving my sleeping newborn in his car seat. This adapter allowed me to enjoy both. Super easy to use and the car seat sits in securely.

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