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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Frenchbluehen - Best hair product ever

    I can't live without this product. I have very curly hair, and this product (applied after I wash, but before I apply mousse) makes my hair tangle free and conditioned. When I straighten my hair, albeit rarely, I use it after my hair is dry. It makes my straight hair soft and tangle free. Excellent product!

  • Simeon Lees - Everything has changed for the better

    This cable has done things for me I did not know were possible in this world. On opening the box I pulled the cable out and was just filled with this overwhelming urge to buy a horse. I carefully stowed the cable away and went to my local farm, and gave the chap £1000 for his stock horse. I did 10 laps of his corn field and literally had the time of my life.

  • George P. Burdell - Marginal contribution to the game

    It's OK. It keeps the game fresh. But it's only 20 cards and it's just ok. Adds an interesting new mechanic but doesn't really improve the fun of the base game by a lot. Not really worth the 12.99 when you consider the base game is $20

  • Sergio - Fried my hair and didn't straighten!

    NEVER in my life have I used such a poor excuse of a relaxer! I've been relaxing my hair for over a decade and this was just a nightmare. This is my first and last time trying this garbage. Not only does it smell VILE (it burns your nose and lungs it's so strong), but I followed the instructions exactly and not only did it not straighten my hair at all, but it FRIED it!!! I'm going to have to cut it all off tomorrow and let it grow out now to start over. That's how bad it was. It fried my hair so bad that it feels like straw and no amount of conditioner is helping it. And I paid $30 for this junk! My hair straightens great with a regular $7 relaxer from the store, and I paid 4 times that for this garbage. Don't use unless you want UNstraightened hair and you want fried hair.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the Furbo

    The Furbo has been the best addition to the household. Our dog loves it and gives me peace of mind when I leave the house. Our dog runs to it when he hears my voice telling him it is treat time and I get to capture (awesome camera resolution) his reaction and know he is doing good at home alone.

  • Avid Reader - Very difficult to insert the coins into the album

    This is an attractive peoduct and fits nicely in a book shelf. Biggest problem is inserting the coins without damaging the album......need a letteropener or sharp, skinny object to move the coins to the right place within a sleeve. The product should come with some instructions on this. Our 6-yearold grandaughter could not do it herself.....This was a major disappointment since it was a gift for her.

  • George - After some problem understanding what was going on and help ...

    After some problem understanding what was going on and help form the shipper. It is working. It is more advanced than last Magix program but dfI hope to get use to it soon.

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