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  • Dosypoo - As Close As Most Mid-Grade Razors And A Lot Less Hassle

    After I had been using my fathers old electric razor that had quietly been gaining more and more wear over the years, And with recently turning to a bald lifestyle, I decided to hop into some new electric shavers. This was of course the first one that popped up within the almighty Amazon search engine.

  • Amazon Customer - Good shoes with arch support deficiency.

    Good shoes, great for price but requires arch support. Insole purchase might be required for joggers.

  • dtran - AMAZING

    Great, works everytime I use it. Patches are small enough where I can put it in awkward places like my knees or behind my knees or elbow. Does have a light smell though, usually only use it at night and definitely wouldn't go out with it on me.

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