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  • Lacey - Camera rarely picks you up

    Fun songs. I've been a fan of Just Dance for awhile now. But I have the same problem with this as I did with Just Dance 2014 on my PS4; the camera rarely ever picks you up. It's very frustrating. I've tried it in different rooms with different light fixtures and different angles. When it does pick you up, half way into the song it drops you. Very annoying.

  • Lanier Dodson - Strongly dislike Outlook

    First, I had a lot of trouble installing Office. Perhaps most of the problem was due to the computer arriving with Office 365 trial version preinstalled. I kept getting messages that there is another version installed, and it must be removed first. I had uninstalled it in the usual way prior to installing this version, but got the message anyway. I searched MS support and found a tool to force removal of Office, but that didn't solve the problem either. So I contacted support. The agent remoted into my computer to confidently show me how it is done. Well, over an hour later, after several tries and with 2 consultations with other people, she finally succeeded. At last the software was installed and working.

  • Summersville Wv review - Sadly, dissappointed

    I had tried a sample of the conditioner and loved it. I live in a rural area and had to order it. It's not available locally. I decided to try the shampoo as well. I found it no better than any common product. I will not buy it again

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