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  • Allison Carver - These pens enabled me to find myself

    All my life, I've worn jeans instead of skirts and dresses, played rough boyish games, and was never able to end every sentence I speak on an upnote--unless I was actually asking a question. I was confused, ashamed, and felt so alone. Then I discovered Bic Cristal for Her, and my life has changed 1000 percent! I wear frilly aprons over my skirts and dresses while cleaning the house (because Bic Cristal for Her gave me the courage to quit my job); I am able to defer to Men in all things, having finally accepted that possessing two degrees doesn't mean I know more or better than any Man, regardless of subject; and I have finally been able to accept that I need never think for myself again--Bic Cristal for Her has freed me of these modern-day burdens that have plagued my sisters and me for the last five decades. Finally, I can sit back and let a Man take care of me for as long as he sees fit. FREEDOM!

  • The Readers - Blessing for struggling with candida

    Helps so much! God send:) i think this works best out you do a clean simple diet and are testing one food a day to see if its a trigger and using the 3 at bedtime to help bounce back. Hopefully this isn't a forever thing, but an aid while transitioning to a diet that works well for your body.

  • Paul Sefrin - No need to shut it down - it auto-crashes

    I have been using FTW since it first came out. This is the worst edition yet! It crashes almost every time I use it. The worst part is that the downloads from the Ancestry website seem to corrupt the data. Even backing it up regularly does not help. Saved versions are also corrupted. I spend more time recovering lost data than gathering new.

  • Kathleen A. Farley - Easy enjoyable read

    Nicole writes a wonderful book about her life. Easy to read and very entertaining. I love her show and read her book in one night. Loved the colored pictures and news of her baby Harper. She is a very strong and compassionate woman who loves children, teens and old people as much as her rescue dogs.

  • hello100 - Element sucks. Cheaper is not better

    My son purchased one about a year ago along with a warranty. Just recently the picture failed. Could hear it but not see it. Payed to have it shipped back for the replacement. Been without for a couple months now. When I email get told the warehouse is behind schedule. When I call I'm told it takes 15 days after processing old one before new one will ship. Element sucks. Cheaper is not better.

  • Julie P. - Underarm Whitening Cream by Shouvy

    This is an Underarm Whitening Cream by Shouvy. The jar contained 1.69 ounces / 50 g. Made in China.

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