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  • Shari Kays-Whitten - Some of my animals became somewhat sick.

    I'm not convinced of its effectiveness and I think that it made some of my animals sick but am not certain about all of them because some are outdoor pets. I will continue to use it on the beds and hangouts though.

  • Cari - Hateful Nozzle!!!

    Shipment and delivered as ordered,however, the product is not what I wanted and the nozzle causes the spay to come out in globs rather than spray or mist---even washing with hot water doesn't make a difference!

  • GuitrDad - Lost 26 pounds on the Purium ten day transformation plan!!

    Absolutely no gimmick. I am on day eight of the cleanse and I have lost 26 lbs. (Your results may vary - I started at 325 lbs., so I had it to spare). I feel much lighter, much more energetic, and joint pain has diminished significantly. Once I got past temptations on days 2 and 3, it was all downhill. I can now exercise without feeling crippled afterward. This was exactly the kickstart I needed toward my goal of losing 100 lbs. I plan on integrating regular food with 1-2 shakes per day as a maintenance plan.

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