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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • George F. Hawkins - installed easily, works as designed without problems

    Arrived promptly, installed easily, works as designed without problems. I am perfectly happy, and it was much cheaper (half?) than the dealer wanted.

  • Mark A Hunt - Runs small

    I bought the same shoe in a different color from famous footwear, in the same size and they fit perfectly. Not entirely sure how one color would fit differently, but I had to return them.

  • E. A. Roper - Not a good experience

    I am really disappointed in this product. Earlier versions were more step intensive in order to get ready to back up the computer, however the oldere versions worked. This version appears deceptively simple to use. Not the case. Plug in your external hard drive and Acronis recognizes it as drive F:\ on my laptop, whereas, when clicking on the "Computer" icon the external drive is identified as drive E:\ not drive F:\. Since there is no drive F:\ ,Acronis does not work properly. Sometimes it is possible to use the Acronis options to force it on to drive E:\ it is not always possible.

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