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IUGA Meeting 2016 | 41st Annual Meeting, Cape Town - IUGA 41st meeting, August 2-6 Cape Town. The meeting will host urogynecologists, gynecologists, urologists, physiotherapists and nurses from all over the world.

  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/about-cape-town/ About Cape Town | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Cape Town Cape Town is the quintessential melting pot: it is a city alive with creativity, colour, sounds and tastes. While walking through the City's streets
  • http://2016.iuga.org/accompanying-person-program/ Accompanying Person Program | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Will have access to the exhibition and poster area, includes all coffee breaks, two luncheons and the Welcome Reception. In addition, includes a complimentary
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/climate/ Climate | IUGA Meeting 2016 - August falls in winter in Cape Town. Cape Town sunrise time in August is around 07h30 and sunset is around 18h00. The rainfall and temperature for August:
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/electricity/ Electricity | IUGA Meeting 2016 - The electricity supply in South Africa is 220 - 240 volts, 50 Hz. The connection for appliances is a round three-pin plug. Most hotels provide dual-voltage two
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/healthcare/ Healthcare | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Health There are no compulsory vaccination requirements for persons entering South Africa although a certificate for yellow fever may be required if you are
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/general-information/ General Information | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Important Notice Passengers travelling to South Africa must be in possession of a passport with two unused pages required for endorsements. The two unused
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/fiuga-fun-run/ FIUGA 5k Fun Run / Walk | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Raise money for the Foundation for International Urogynecological Assistance (FIUGA) by participating in the first ever FIUGA 5k Fun Run/Walk at the 41st
  • http://2016.iuga.org/frequently-asked-questions/ Frequently Asked Questions | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Certificate of Attendance Conference Schedule Deadlines General Questions Registration Travel Workshops Certificate of Attendance How do I obtain my
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/mobile-app/ Mobile App | IUGA Meeting 2016 - The IUGA 2016 meeting mobile app is now available for download The mobile app is now available for download by searching “IUGA 2016 meeting” in the Apple App
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/money/ Money | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Currency and Banks The unit of currency in South Africa is the South African Rand (ZAR) and is indicated with a capital R so that, for example, three Rand and
  • http://2016.iuga.org/public-forum/ Public Forum | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Public forum Women’s Health Issues: Your Questions answered Date: August 1 Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Location: Cape Town International Convention Centre 1
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/transport-information/ Transportation | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Flights For all queries / quotes on air travel please contact Zeenat Vally ([email protected]) or Manjula Moodley ([email protected]) from
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/the-venue/ The Venue | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC), 01 – 06 August 2016 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town. Located in the hub of the city's beautiful northern
  • http://2016.iuga.org/tours/day-tours/ Day Tours | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Nestled between mountains and oceans, there is only one way to describe Cape Town: it is a beautiful city! In addition to this, Cape Town offers a wide variety
  • http://2016.iuga.org/tours/overland-tours/ Overland Tours (overnight) | IUGA Meeting 2016 - (Click on the tour name for more information) Come and experience our hospitality wherever you go and get in touch with our wide variety of fascinating
  • http://2016.iuga.org/tours/tour-booking-form/ Tour Booking Form | IUGA Meeting 2016 - To book, please complete one of the booking forms below and return it to the Congress Housing Organisers. Registration Form: PDF Format Word
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/transfers/ Transfers | IUGA Meeting 2016 - The cost of a one way transfer between Cape Town International Airport & Appointed Hotels in the City Centre or vice versa, will cost: ZAR370.00 per person,
  • http://2016.iuga.org/social-events/ Social Events | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Welcome Reception Cape Town International Convention Centre, Exhibit Hall 1 and 2 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Help us kick off the start of the 41st annual meeting by
  • http://2016.iuga.org/meeting-information/visas-passport/ Visas & Passport | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Every visitor to South Africa must have a valid passport. Passport holders from more than 80 countries, including USA, Canada, UK, Japan and the EU can visit
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/final-program/ Final Program | IUGA Meeting 2016 - 2016 Final Program now available! The final program includes all the need-to-know information related to the 2015 meeting. Details about workshop sessions,
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/fellows-day/ Fellows' Activities | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Fellows' Day Urogynecology global health forum: special focus on obstetric fistulas, and bladder repair & management August 2, 2016 7:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/ibero-american/ Ibero-American | IUGA Meeting 2016 - This session is aimed at encouraging further exchange and networking among attendees from Latin America, the Iberian peninsula and others. Engaged Ibero
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/live-surgery/ Live Surgery | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Live surgery will be performed on Tuesday, August 2nd from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The cost to attend this
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/meet-the-experts/ Meet The Experts | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Meet the Experts – Roundtable Breakfast The "Meet the Experts" – Roundtable Breakfast is scheduled on Friday, August 5th, 2016 from 7:00 am to 7:50 am. This
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/pan-asian/ Pan-Asian | IUGA Meeting 2016 - In the past Pan-Asia meetings, we have learned from the increasing number of participants that there is a vast diversity on the clinical practice among Asian
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/protect/ PROTECT | IUGA Meeting 2016 - PROTECT – Train the Trainer Program (Prevention and Repair Of perineal Trauma Episiotomy through Coordinated Training) 2016 IUGA Annual Meeting – Cape Town,
  • http://2016.iuga.org/scientific-program/schedule-at-a-glance/ Schedule At A Glance | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Schedule as of May 2016 and subject to change. All activities held at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC), unless otherwise noted
  • http://2016.iuga.org/speaker-spotlight/ Speaker Spotlight | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Speaker Spotlight on Professor Linda Carozo (UK) Lecture: Female Cosmetic Surgery-what, when and by whom Professor Linda Cardozo is looking forward to the
  • http://2016.iuga.org/special-lectures/ Special Lectures | IUGA Meeting 2016 - Ulf Ulmsten Lecture: From Bench to Bedside in Pelvic Floor Surgery Roundtable: OASIS - Prevention is better than cure? State of the Art: Genital tract fistula

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