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  • Luis Ernesto Madriz Verjan - Like aromatherapy for me, Liked very much

    Bought 3 Weeks ago on promo Price at walmart, along with a friend Me because Lately got a lot of hair loss, it was ok when using garnier fructis for years, changed brands and tried 3 other but problem started again , so have Heard of this one so we bought 1 bottle each, it has a esoteric store like , I like it , some say its like honey with herbs, results afetr first used leaves the hair soft and it starts to give volumen to it with use, I forgot my botle on family home this weekend s went again to the store and found it again on sale, bought 2 more bottles to have and use :-)

  • bookworm - Natural hair loss shampoo

    Before I started to use the JustNatural shampoo my scalp was always dry, itchy and I was losing alot of hair everyday. Finding this product has made my scalp and hair feel one hundred percent better and my hair is soft and shiny. When your hair is healthy and looks good then you feel good and beautiful hair gives your self confidence a boost. I am definitely a loyal JustNatural customer now!

  • C. Ruppel - 2007 Dodge Ram1500 quad cab

    I saw some reviews about how the speaker box was damaged upon receipt. Mine came in excellent condition, so no problems there. The sound is pretty good, but it seems to have too much low end and I wonder if it would benefit from some ports. Other than that, I can't complain. Fits my 2007 Ram1500 Quad cab like a glove. There is still a little room under the rear seat to put straps, tie downs. The Sony Xplod speakers I put in the box, fit flush with the bottom of the seat.

  • John D. - It works, but...

    I lost the weight (12lbs in 10 days), but was miserable the whole time! The breakfast shakes were the worst... I couldn't even stomach them towards the end. I can vouch for the fact that this diet works, but I would also note that I do not believe it is realistically sustainable for most people. It requires a massive lifestyle change that I simply was not interested in doing... This particular diet was my wife's idea, and in the end she agreed with me about the sustainability. Afterwards we switched over to a Weight Watcher's points plus style diet, and have been much happier... I've reached my weight loss goal and am sustaining my diet and weight.

  • Aletheia - FAKE

    This particular one does not work. I also know that Fit tea is suppose to be lose tea. But for some reason Amazon have them in bags. It also has wrong spelling in the back which made me think even more that it's not the real fit tea. It also does not work like it's supposed to. I've tried many detox teas and I gotta say. I am highly disappointed with this purchase.

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