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  • Eric H - Nice bluetooth adapter for my wife's car.

    My wife's cd player in her car died. Rahter than take out the whole thing we decided to go with using her phone and a bluetooth adapter. This one has a nice screen to show the volume level, connection status and allow you to make/receive phone calls. It paired with her phone just fine. The controls to change the channel are a little slow to change but eventually I got to the right channel. The sound was clear through her speakers and there were only a couple of drop offs in signal. I've found that these are kind of normal with bluetooth adapeters so not worried much about it. The only thing I found annoying is there is no way (that I could find) to turn the unit off. So if I don't want to use it I have t pull it out of the plug completely. Other units I have allow me to turn the unit off and on but not this one. Not a deal breaker but a strange thing to leave out on a piece of electronics. Overall I am happy with it and my wife thinks it's just call as anything to be able to play her music in the car again. I did get a discount on this product but that didn't affect my view on how well it worked.

  • Alice Rogers - Great light

    I am very pleased with this product. This is a great addition to my deck and it won?t cost me a penny in energy cost. Really like it!!!

  • Nettles - Really intense perfume smell - meh

    The smell of this product is really powerful for me. I understand that others may be not as sensitive as I am about smells, example: I can't wear perfume sometimes because it causes to me to sneeze a lot.

  • Rhett - Page Turner

    Have to admit this was a page turner. But only because I had diarrhea. Effective toilet paper. Would reccomendation for wiping your a**.

  • Debbie - Learn How Natural can help more than Pharmaceuticals!

    Has a great deal of information on the Benefits of DHEA and the role it can play. A lot of great benefits if you can find a Dr to supervise the use. Unfortunately, they're hard to come by because there's so much help we can get from using the more Natural elements our body needs rather than all the meds out today that just treat the symptom, not the real problems. We need more Drs in this field. It would be so much better than all the drugs they give us with all the side effects and new conditions they cause.

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