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Promise of Justice Initiative - The Promise of Justice Initiative is a private, non-profit organization that advocates for humane, fair, and equal treatment of individuals in the criminal justice system.

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  • Peggy from Missouri - I love it, as I ride 6-18 miles per day

    I received this as a Christmas present. I love it, as I ride 6-18 miles per day. I love that I can adjust the tension, as needed. I love being able to exercise my arms. I do wish the bike could keep track of the calories and my heart rate, as I exercise my arms, but I can deal with that.

  • RG74 - Good, but not for everybody

    First I will start with a bit of context so that you can judge my judgement. I'm a relatively active, healthy 40 year old that tore my calf and ruptured my Achilles. The surgeon who performed the surgery is a colleague of mine at one of the best hospitals in the country. He took his time to explain to me about the difficult recovery and how critical it was to follow the instructions provided, which are rather simple: NO weight bearing on the injured leg and keep the foot elevated above the heart as much as possible until I seem him again in three weeks. His biggest concern during recovery is infection of the wound and re-rupture of the tendon, usually from a fall. Unlike in my previous injuries that required surgery and rehab (I've had a few since my 20's), I'm older now and I took his advise much more seriously...the last thing I want to do is repeat this grueling process.

  • Joseph's Review - Wall Mount-astic

    This wall mount is pretty amazing. I'll go over the only downfall first. The bolts that come with the mount seem small. And I tightened one (because I freak out when I'm putting a 2k$ TV on a wall) way too tight where the head of the bolt popped off. I had extra bolts at the house and used those. So it's not really a downfall, just be weary of tightening them too much.

  • Brittney Glover - So in love with this

    This thing is amazing, let me tell you. I use it about 2 to 3 times a day. I have had it a bit over 3 weeks, I think, and I have already started losing weight and feeling better just by adding some healthy smoothies to each day. I took all of the sugary snacks out of my house so that I would reach for my nutribullet instead for snacks. It is really fun and easy to vamp up your diet with this. It is ready to use out of the box and comes with a quick start guide which is great. I don't follow the recipes much, but I used them to get ideas of what to put in my smoothies("nutriblasts" but I think that sounds sooo corny). I used the milling blade to make all of my seeds into powders so that I was getting added protein and fiber and I keep them in a cup next to the Nutribullet. I fill mine higher than the "maxfill" line so I think if it was going to STB on me, it would have already. Over all, a great purchase for me.

  • Gabrielle - NEWSFLASH

    Those of you complaining about how it " looks like you haven't washed your hair in a month" , I'm assuming you don't have the kinky, typical African american hair. The product honestly works best on us African american women with this kimd of hair and is to be put on your SCALP. SCALP, not your whole head. This is probably why your hair looks so crazy .. I personally have been using this product since grade school religiously and it has never failed me. I highly do not recommend for those of you without our type of hair..because if you read the reviews , you can see that its mostly African American women with the best results because of our hair texture. Its not a bad product, its just not for you . for example, I grease my SCALP with this regularly. And honestly , I NEVER have the issue of my hair being matted or stringy etc. The grease stays on my scalp , and gives a form of glass to my actual hair , but it definetly does not impact my hair negatively.

  • Johanna S. Reeder - what a relief...

    I used two bottles before I realized I wasn't driving enough miles for it to work. I got the third bottle and took a long ride. EUREKA!!! It worked. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • Jamie - Oak Park, IL - Vitamin review

    My teen age son has been taking this for a month now. I do think it has helped w/ his complexion. It is a large pill to swallow, but he has no problems taking. I would say it is a very good supplement, but if your child has difficulty swallowing a pill this might not work. This is the best price on the market.

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