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  • Vertilli - BEST If You Need Dry Hands

    Best there is for keeping your hands dry. From what I can tell, it was originally made for tennis players, but I use it for golf or any other outdoor activity where my hands need to be dry. One word of caution: it does tend to make your hands 'tacky.' Not sticky, but if you're used to using cornstarch or talc to keep your hands dry, this is much more like what traditional rosin feels like on your hands. Getting them in-and-out of your pockets can be an adventure.

  • Pat2063 - KAV 2013

    I have been using KAV for approx. 5 years now & have been pleased 100% until updating to the most recent version/update...Kaspersky Antivirus 2013. I'm not sure I will buy from this company after today. I am in the process of reinstalling the OS (windows 7) because the KAV update (2012 to 2013) crashed my PC. I have tried a system restore, repair, etc & have had to resort to restoring my PC to the original setting, like when I bought it new, 3 years ago because all else has failed. This will be the 1st time this PC has ever crashed & I'm not too pleased with having to reinstall the OS! I have never had an antivirus program crash my system, ever until now. I am using my laptop to write this review while my PC is being repaired by me. It's not labor intensive or hard to do. My problem is having to spend half a day getting my PC back up & operating.

  • M. J. Hansen - An excellent collection of stories

    For readers of literary journals out there, most of the published stories will not surprise you: Ron Rash, Wells Tower, etc. are featured in here. Although the selected stories are predictable, that does not take away their right to be published in this collection as they are indeed the best of the year. All in all, it is an excellent edition and worth purchasing.

  • Jessica K. - I like this body wash because it's all natural

    I'm really liking these 3-in-1 products from Pure Body Naturals. I've been using the lavender one, I've used it as both a body wash and shampoo. When I saw a lingonberry version I jumped right on it! I like this body wash because it's all natural. There are no fake fragrances, and it's organic. I have extremely sensitive skin, I will break out in deep cysts when I use products that contain artificial fragrance or harsh chemicals. I have not had any breakouts since using this product.

  • CJWidmayer - Stylish, Functional, Spacious, Durable

    After thinking long and hard about whether this bag would be right for me, I ended up buying the Classic Messenger in Night Blue/Village Violet/Night Blue, size Small. I actually originally got a size Medium in another color, but this color combination and size was better suited to me and my needs.

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