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    I was really looking forward to set this up but i have to say i am extremely disappointed. I upgraded my internet to 300mbps and needed something that supports that higher speed. Here are my thoughts about Almond 2015 -

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    I obtained very impressive results with this product. It is indeed true that the scent is pleasant. However, after a few hours on your skin, it does begin to have that same self-tanner smell. It is not as pungent as other manufacturer's formulas, though. I highly recommend this and will never go back to using anything else again.

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    I really like using the Enhanced Payroll for my small business. I have less than 10 employees, and didn't feel it was worth it to pay one of the large payroll processing companies every week to do something that, with Quickbooks' help, only took me a few minutes a day. I also used Enhanced Payroll to file and pay my payroll taxes myself, which saved me even more money!

  • Katie - Great product, horrible company

    OK, let me first start off by saying fitness is my life. I have my degree in business and also in Nutrition. I was also raised in this field as my father was a competing body builder and my sister has celiac and lives an extremely healthy lifestyle. My family lives and breathes "health".

  • Duane Richards - Oily after

    It's an improvement for sure, but it's a LOT of work if you have bleached out white ring areas as all these areas will turn dark. Also leaves an oily residue behind that is a PIA to deal with as it continues to give off a slick oily film and touch on/to everything. Holy Grail it's not, but it works good enough to warrant the small cost, just expect little from it before use and you'll be pretty pleased.

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