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  • Binkster - Great vehicle

    Love it. Drives like a car. Perfect vehicle for my purpose. I wanted something that I could tow 4 wheels down behind a motorhome and this fits the bill perfectly. Put the transmission in park and the differential in neutral and off you go. Over the years I have owned several Jeeps but I really enjoy the multi function purpose of this vehicle. As a four door it provides plenty of room for a couple additional passengers. Offers 4 wheel drive for off road or inclement weather and can be equipped with a hard or soft top. The freedom panels of the hard top can easily be removed and stored to create an open air feel similar to a T-top. The soft top can be folded back to open it completely to become similar to a convertible. This vehicle can be modified with after market products to fit any need or purpose it seems to have endless after market products for modifications.

  • Jamie S - Ok for an overview

    This book is a good study guide for the PTCB. It has its pros and cons. As an instructor I am always looking for study guides to recommend to my students, and this is one that I would recommend with a few cautions. It is broken into sections and has practice questions and tests, along with an answer key, all of which are good things. The first section is a review about the background of the exam. The Math section includes a large variety of questions regarding calculations and units of measure. It also includes a list of common drugs, a section on how to maintain medication and inventory control systems, and background on participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice. All of these sections include sample questions and an answer key. The second part of the book has practice tests and answer keys for each section, including time limits.

  • Tina - Yay! Roe is back!

    I have missed Roe so much since the last book. When I got my copy of All the Little Liars today, I am embarrassed to say that I completely ignored my family. From the time I opened the cover, I didn't do another thing until I read the last page.

  • Ramiro. - DON'T BUY GOPRO 3 BLACK

    I was an absolute fanatic of the GoPRO Products, had two Hero and a Hero2. Which unfortunately I sold to buy this terrible GoPRO3 "Black Edition". The name is quite appropriate because it freezes up all the time and all you see is BLACK!

  • mara - It works!

    Evolv arrived very quickly, and has worked all summer without having 1 flea, tick, or bug problem for my little Chihuahua. I love knowing she's protected without the constant use of a toxin....I hope it's soon more readily available in stores. Great stuff.

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