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  • CTBarb - Very Easy to use and is a deal

    This is a very easy software to use. I had used a much older version which I found easy too. But the big plus for this was the membership. I have expanded my tree to double its size in just a few weeks. Publishing capability is a bit limited. Wanted to do the family view that was available in the older version....can't seem to find it...but I may be missing it. I am very happy with the package. It allows easy merging of information from multiple sources even if the data are slightly out of wack which allows you to keep track of different potential branches and information. I had put my genealogical research on hold a few years ago when I hit a confusing period in the early 1700s when multiple potential branches showed up and I couldn't pick the one that seemed to be my ancestors. This has allowed me to experiment with each and after following the potentials back a generation to decide that I am on the right branch. All in all it has revived my interest in genealogy of my family and I have begun to research my husband's family as well.

  • Aaron - Just as good as 2014

    Paper quality is very similar if not the same as 2014 edition. The cover also tends to fold over like 2014 edition. New graphs/illustrations and revisions are very good. Better then 2014 version. Do wish cover was sturdier.

  • Eric Shelly - Great mats, great fit.

    These mats fit our 2012 Acadia (w/ bucket seats) great. The color matches the car's interior well and they look great once installed. The only thing I don't like about the mats is that there is no way to cover the tracks in the floor for the bucket seats, so crumbs, dirt, etc. can still accumulate in there. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if there was a better way to cover these somehow.

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