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  • Sound Diva - Terrible Support and Will NOT Install on Parallels Desktop

    I've been on the phone for 2 1/2 hours with Intuit and still no resolution. First they told me I had a 30 free support period. Then they said it only had to do with installation issues except they could not help me with installation. I finally installed myself with several tries on the pcs but it will not install on the mac in parallels. I'm thinking it was designed that way on purpose so you have to buy 2 versions. When I asked how to enter expenses, they keep pushing a subscription. Apparently support does not include "How do I" questions. The software wants you to enter bills and then they can be paid and will equal expenses. As we all know there are many expenses that do not come with bills. The purchase of this software for one. Since I decided to switch to Quickbooks I have gotten behind in my accounting and the tasks are mounting quickly. I got another level of support that spoke more clearly and promised to send me relevant articles. If there is anything on point or this is resolved, I'll update my review. If it is not resolved, I'll return the software.

  • Ayanna A. Fletcher - Blasphemous!

    I do appreciate the sleek design; However, being that most of my time is spent barefoot and in the kitchen this product does not apply to my needs.

  • Andres - Liking it sor far

    After using it for 1.5 month I have found out that is great device to workout. I bought it because of the water resistance capabilities (track swimming) but I have used it for running, cycling and swimming. I have compared the results of Running and Cycling with another tracker and both provide very similar results. About swimming, well the first 2 or 3 swims I did count strokes, and laps. So I am happy with the accuracy and with the easiness of use. What I like the most is the "not need to charge it everyday" thing. I think that it one of the features I like the most. The app is nice, allows you to compare and shows if your are improving or not (distance, cadence, time, laps). Also I do like the fact that, while running, it measures the impact, nice feature for new runners. The Training Coach is OK, I can't provide a proper feedback as I do not use the coached programs that much.

  • smedheat - I have used your other stop leak products in the past with great success. Recently

    I have a leaky radiator. I have used your other stop leak products in the past with great success. Recently, I had a thermostat replaced and accidentally allowed the Toyota service center mechanic to flush the entire cooling system. Big mistake. My overheating engine situation was instantly made much worse! Rather than turn around and purchase a new HEAD GASKET for my 20 year old Toyota Camry, (as Toyota customer service recommended without even looking at the head gasket) I decided to try 1/3 a bottle of Liquid Aluminum. I then topped off the radiator and coolant reservoir. I let the car idle for 10 minutes or so. I even revved the engine a few times and ran the A/C. Only time will tell, but the car shows improvement already. It only ran slightly above normal operating temp before immediately cooling down to exactly normal. It has overheated during idle before using Liquid Aluminum. Even if this application of the product does not work long term, I will have myself to blame for letting a mechanic flush out a Bars-treated coolant system that was holding fluids pretty darn well.

  • Cwish96 - We use this cream for pain relief and it seems ...

    We use this cream for pain relief and it seems to work. The ingredient list is a roll call of commonly used essential oils and it is strong smelling. It works to relieve pain and relax muscles.

  • S. Mason - My first XCOM experiance

    Not a game I would have normally gravitated to coming from the world of first person shooters. However a friend highly recommended it, so I picked it up not really knowing what to expect, and I got to say Im addicted to this turn based strategy shooter. So much content to keep you busy for a long time. Very deep game, but the learning curve isnt too bad. Replay value is very high! No need for the cat like reflexes honed by shooters I normally play. But having a brain is a must.

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