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  • Lorii - Good Gift for Mom

    Brought this for my om. She LOVED it, especially the fact that it could keep record of all of the members of the family. We question the accuracy, still, if you needed to keep track/record of your readings this made it so easy and convenient. two thumbs up.

  • LisaLovesShoes! - Wow. I cant believe it.

    This is the greatest possible thing you could spend money on. It's not just any ordinary hdmi cable. It's DIAMOND! And it's also high speed! I dont know the exact statistics, but lets just say that it's faster then any hdmi cably your peasant eyes will see. The only problem is that i had to sell my 200,000 dollar honda civic TURBO edition i bought from some guy on craigslist to afford it. But its so worth it.

  • Robert Pennington - Good gloves, but velcro doesn't last

    I liked these gloves a lot, but disliked when the Velcro broke(adhesive failed). After riding for about a month, the Straps became useless. The straps now just dangle without purpose and gloves feel loose.

  • Diana - Works well and smells like real oranges

    Works well and smells like real oranges, but leaves a smell after drying that I used to despise growing up. You know the almost vomit kind of smell? Sorry, just had to tell the truth. Otherwise, the product works really well on babies and toddler sensitive skin.

  • Ursula - Didn't last long....

    My son was so excited when he received his V cube, but it simply didn't last long. Very quickly the stickers began peeling off. We ended up buying him a different kind to replace it. It was a waste of money.

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