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  • Cathy P - Warning if you purchase this software you will be ripped off

    I purchased the value pack only because QuickBooks/Intuit is forcing customers to upgrade the accounting software every three years in order to use the payroll software. On the box it clearly states in black and white that ONE employee is included in the purchase price and additional employees are $2.00. I had to call to set up the payroll software, which I have to do every year, I spoke with a man who after repeating that I purchased the enhanced software helped to set up my computer. I asked him what charges I would see for two extra employees, he stated $4.00. I am now seeing a charge of $26.16 on my bank statement. What the hell

  • Moleman - Drivers/Software ?

    Could not get 4 channels to work - just a single channel. Searched high and low for Windows 7 drivers but with what I found, could not get 4 channels to work. And Multiviewer software could not find device.

  • Johnny Beans - Great customer service. excellent device

    I previously purchased the then known as netgear almond for use as a range extender. its now called the securifi router/ range extender. it was the only one I tried that really worked. fast forward to early this year. my netgear router went kaplooie (a technical term) so I decided to go with a new almond and use it as a router. Setup is simple using the onscreen instructions. worked flawlessly on two of my three devices. I also kept the older almond to use again as an extender.

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