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  • BRIANNA - Fascinating

    I expected a hit piece but instead I watched a really thoughtful movie emerge. Certainly this isn't flattering to President Obama but much of it is in his own words or those by people who know him or his father personally. I was intrigued by the idea that he sent the bust back from the White House and wouldn't think he'd have the right to do that. I don't understand why he isn't helping out his very poor half brother yet is speaking often of helping the poor, help begins at home. It seems Obama was elected because of a "perfect storm" and slogans of hope and change were like medicine to a sick nation. Unfortunately, it's four years later and the results promised were not delivered. Whether you agree or not with this movie certainly there is something to be learned from it. I am certain people who love Obama will hate the movie and people who hate Obama will love the movie. It's those in the middle, unbiased to begin with that will be the best test to watch this. I voted for Obama in 2008 but I am greatly disappointed in him now. I learned a lot from this movie, particularly about his father and the estrangement that seemed to haunt Obama. I found it sad and moving. Yet haunting. Obama is an unlikely president in a center right nation. Running on ideals was perfect in 2008 however running on a wretched record in 2012 is a different story. I think Obama will be better served to lose this reelection instead of igniting his ego he will be challenged to look deep inside.

  • Gina - Love it

    Love this product on my hair. Texas water really dries out your hair and this stuff helps moisturize it. I also love that it's a detangler. I use it every day!

  • warren carlson - Stopped my head gasket leak!

    I had a head gasket leak on my 3.0 toyota. Mostly it was dripping oil, but had some water getting into my oil as well. I put this in and slowly(over a month or so...) the truck stopped leaking oil and no more water was getting into the oil. Very happy with the product, it also helps it run smoother and reduce my valve noise, very impressed!

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